Wellesley-in-Aix provides participants with a program manual containing essential information on program and academic policies as well as practical information: le GAP (Guide Aix-Paris). This thorough guide covers nearly all aspects of life in Paris and AIx, including etiquette, major differences between French and U.S. universities, tips on daily life and living with French hosts, restaurant recommendations, and practical advice and suggestions from WIA staff and former participants on a variety of topics, e.g., choosing classes, cultural activities in Aix, places to visit in France, cellphones, how to meet French students, etc..

The GAP is updated every year and available on the WIA web site prior to students' departure.  All students receive a paper copy in Paris.  Keep in mind that your first priority in preparing for the semester should be applying for your French visa, carefully completing and submitting the required WIA forms, and reading the pre-departure information thoroughly.