ECCO Bologna

Vassar College, Wellesley College, and Wesleyan University offer a study abroad program at the University of Bologna in Italy.

The program is committed to the highest academic standards and to providing opportunities for students to develop their knowledge of Italian language and culture in one of the oldest and most prestigious academic environments in Europe.

Undergraduates wishing to study humanities, social sciences and sciences may enroll for the fall or spring semesters or for the full academic year. Students who have at least an intermediate knowledge of Italian will be able to complete regular university courses at the University of Bologna, as well as courses in Italian language and culture offered by the program. Students will begin their semester with an intensive Italian course in Bologna. The program accepts no more than 35 students per semester from the three consortial institutions and from other colleges and universities in the US. 

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At a Glance

Students: Up to 35 students per semester from the three consortial institutions and from similar colleges and universities in the US.
Full year: late August to late May
Fall semester: late August to late December
Location: Bologna, Italy
Partner Institution: University of Bologna
Housing: Dormitory with Italian or international roommates
Cost: (Wellesley Students) Wellesley Comprehensive Fee. Includes full room & board, administrative oversight and assistance of all immigration procedures, tuition for all academic courses, excursions & cultural activities, extensive academic orientation and advising, academic support for university courses and exams, round trip airfare. Financial aid for Wellesley students is fully transferrable and the Expected Family Contribution will remain constant. (Non-Wellesley Students): Please check with Wesleyan University for 2022-2023 non-consortium student fees. 
Pre-Requisites: Four semesters of college-level Italian (For declared science majors: two semesters of Italian required for fall, three semesters required for spring). B average in Italian language courses. All students with fewer than four semesters of Italian are required to participate in the Lecce August session.
Language of Instruction: Italian (Exception: declared science majors will be able to enroll in English-taught courses at University of Bologna).
Fields of Study: A wide range of courses in all disciplines at the University of Bologna is available for students with advance proficiency in Italian. The program arranges its own varied selection of humanities and social science courses in Italian studies for its participants. Please see additional information below about coursework available in the following subjects:

Full Course Load: 4 courses per semester
Application Instructions (Wellesley Students): APPLY HERE
Recent alumnae: Click here...
Notes for Italian Majors: Courses students should take before studying abroad include four semesters of Italian Language (either elementary 101, 102 and Intermediate 201, 202 or Intensive 103, 203). Normally, students must take ITAS 101, 102, 201, 202, 103 and 203 on campus. The types of coursework students are encouraged to do abroad are 200 and 300-level courses in Italian and courses taught at the University of Bologna. ECCO is now the only approved program for ITAS majors.

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