Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative

The Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative will transform Wellesley’s campus into a “living laboratory.”

The Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative inspires and prepares Wellesley College students across disciplines to engage with their natural environment and develop a sense of place on our iconic campus to enrich their academic experience, well-being, and community, and become change agents who cultivate sustainable landscapes and communities around the globe. 

Learn more about the work of the Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative in our 2018-19 Year in Review and in our Blue Heron Quarterly, a journal to engage the reader in the Wellesley College landscape and beyond.

The Paulson Initiative is committed to anti-racism and decolonization in our work. We are collaborating with the Frost Center for the Environment, the Botanic Gardens, and the Sustainability Office to develop an Environmental Anti-racism Student Working Group in partnership with the Office of Intercultural Education. These paid student leaders will work with our staff and student interns to plan and implement changes in our initiative.

Find calm in this time of uncertainty by connecting more deeply with nature outside your door with our Nature Wellness Practices.


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Suzanne Langridge, PhD, Director