About Us

Wendy with students birding

The Paulson Initiative is cultivating a community of students, faculty, and staff who are engaging with the landscape in innovative, interdisciplinary, intellectual and inspiring ways.

We are inspiring and preparing Wellesley College students across disciplines to value sense of place and connection to nature in order to enrich their academic experience, well-being, and community, and become change agents who cultivate sustainable landscapes and communities around the globe.

Students can take part in interdisciplinary science research programs using the campus as a living laboratory, can engage with the Wellesley College Archives to understand how history informs the present landscape, can take literary walks on campus, listen to “plein air” music performed by fellow students, staff, and faculty while enjoying a campfire, and take part in a writing workshop by renowned authors such as Terry Tempest Williams. 


  • Carolyn Bacaj

    Carolyn Bacaj

    Paulson Summer Intern
  • Lacey Berg

    Lacey Berg

    Paulson Post-baccalaureate Fellow
    Science Center L-024
  • Rachel  Carethers

    Rachel Carethers

    Paulson Initiative Intern
  • Lucy Gonzalez

    Lucy Gonzalez

    Paulson Summer Intern
  • Ayana Hampton

    Ayana Hampton

    Paulson Academic Year Intern
  • Anna Hedinger

    Anna Hedinger

    Paulson Summer Intern
  • Eva Knaggs

    Eva Knaggs

    Paulson Summer Intern
  • Katie Knight

    Katie Knight

    Paulson Academic Year Intern
  • Suzanne Langridge

    Suzanne Langridge

    Director Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative
    Science Center E136
  • Kristine  Meader

    Kristine Meader

    Paulson Post-baccalaureate Fellow
    Science Center L-024
  • Erin Olson

    Erin Olson

    Paulson Initiative Intern
  • Jada Onwuta

    Jada Onwuta

    Paulson Initiative Intern
  • Mona Shokrani

    Mona Shokrani

    Paulson Summer Intern
  • Aiyana Vazquez

    Aiyana Vazquez

    Paulson Initiative Intern
Paulson Initiative Students 2020-21

Paulson Initiative Interns:

Ashley Bisram '22
Dayna De La Cruz '21
Diana Salinas '24
Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Borecki ‘21
Erin Olson 23
Grace Callahan '21
Jada Onwuta '24
Katherine Muniz '22
Lily Herold ‘22
Mateo Gariepy '22
Mika Taka-Anderson ‘22
Nicole Zhao '20 
Phoebe Shea Pérez ‘23
Rachel Carethers '24
Roxie Miles '23
Ryan Rowe '24

Paulson Place Challenge Sophomore Early Research Program Researchers:

Aaliyah Beckford '23
Kyaralind Vasquez-Liriano '23
Paulson-Frost Practitioner Fellow Interns:
Dayna De La Cruz '21
Sarai Hertz-Velázquez '22
Cassiana Robinson '22


Paulson Initiative Students 2018-2019

Paulson Water Challenge Student Researchers:

Mateo Gariepy '22

Adhel Geng '22

Mia Kennerly '22

Julie Kim '22

Skylar Kolisko '22

Francelis Morillo Suarez ’21

Katherine Muniz '22

Amy Quintanilla '22

Chantaly Villalona '22

Chansie Yang '22


Paulson Initiative Interns:

Zixia (Linda) Liu ‘19

Junita Sirait '22

Kristine Meader '21

Anya Sheldon '20

Annabel Brazaitis '22

Nicole Zhao '20


Paulson Initiative - Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant Research Interns 

Kelsey Dunn '21

Emily Magness '21

Grace Olson '21

Sarah Elizabeth Stockman '21


Paulson Initiative Student Communication Assistants

Estrella Garcia '20

Sophie Hurwitz '21

Paulson Initiative Students 2017-2018

Paulson Water Challenge Student Researchers:

Rebecca Arango ‘20

Louisa Crane ‘19

Nallely Esparza ‘21

Kimberly Hernandez ‘21

Thea Louis ‘19

Faisa Warsame ‘21

Akilah Chatman ‘20

Maria Gonzalez ‘19

Nicole Zhao ‘20


Paulson Initiative Interns:

Rahwa Michael '21

Maggie O'Connor '20

Jessica Ostfeld '20

Han Qiao '19


Campus Advisory Committee

Dr. Kristina Jones, Director Botanic Gardens and Biological Sciences Faculty

Dr. Jay Turner, Environmental Studies Faculty and Chair

Dr. Jennifer Yang, ‘12, Associate Director Botanic Gardens