Mika  Taga-Anderson

Mika Taga-Anderson

Paulson Initiative Intern

My name is Mika, I am a current Junior, class of 2022, double majoring in Religion and Architecture. For the Fall semester I am living in Springfield, Vermont, in an art community. I spend much of my time wandering the woods, searching for secret spaces hidden in the foliage, and collecting various objects (twigs, stones, etc). I recently started weaving with natural materials, particularly river reeds. My room is full of a considerable amount of river reeds hanging from every possible surface--from the windows, the backs of chairs, the lampshade, the knobs of the dresser...This is, perhaps, an accurate introduction into who and where I am at the moment. During this year-long internship, I hope to continue broadening my understanding of the Wellesley landscape by practicing full engagement with whatever environment I happen to inhabit.

Through this opportunity, I intend to cultivate deeper awareness of my surroundings, and remember to appreciate the vast intricacy of the natural world. Ultimately, I hope to consciously and harmoniously weave myself into it.