Water Challenge

Paulson Water Challenge and Paulson Place Challenge

The Paulson Water Challenge is a transdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and students that conducts research to address water management issues on the Wellesley campus, using the landscape as a living laboratory, and ultimately seeking to support a more sustainable and systems-wide approach to landscape stewardship. Faculty, staff, and students who are interested in getting involved should contact us at waterchallengeadmin@wellesley.eduSee more information on the Summer 2018 experience in this Daily Shot.

The Paulson Place Challenge came about as an adaptation of the Paulson Water Challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic. Led by the same group of faculty and staff, the Paulson Place Challenge prompted student researchers to undertake place-based interdisciplinary research projects exploring trees, air quality, biodiversity, and flooding wherever they were located during the unprecedented summer of 2020.

Wellesley students from across disciplines can get involved through research projects during the academic year, the Science Center Summer Research program, and in classes such as GEOS 101 and BISC 111. Projects include understanding biogeochemical history and management of Paramecium Pond, developing water quality monitoring systems, testing rain garden designs, and improving water quality and distribution on Science Hill as it undergoes major renovations.  


Faculty and Staff Core Team

Amy Banzaert, Engineering Studies

James Battat, Physics

Dan Brabander, Geosciences & Environmental Studies

Nolan Flynn, Chemistry

Monica Higgins, Environmental Studies

Kristina Jones, Biology & Botanic Gardens

Suzanne Langridge, Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative

Cathy Summa, Science Center & Posse Program

Jenn Yang, Botanic Gardens

Ayana McCoy, Science Center

Jocelyne Dolce, Biology


Student Researchers

Summer 2020 research group

Frannie Adams '21

Ann-Marsha Alexis '22

Aaliyah Beckford '23

Levi Chavez Valencia '23

Mateo Gariepy '22

Faith Hernandez '21

Kensy Jordan '22

Marbella Juarez '21

Francelis Morillo Suarez '21

Tulani Reeves-Miller '21

Nia Roberts '23

Vianney Salas '23

Nujuma Taha '21

Kyaralind Vasquez-Liriano '23

Academic Year 2019-2020 research group

Amy Quintanilla '22

Chantaly Villalona '22



2018-19 research group

Mateo Gariepy '22

Adhel Geng '22

Mia Kennerly '22

Julie Kim '22

Skylar Kolisko '22

Francelis Morillo Suarez '21

Francisca Moya Jimenez ’21

Katherine Muniz '22

Amy Quintanilla '22

Chantaly Villalona '22

Chansie Yang '22

2017-18 Research Group

Rebecca Arango ‘20

Akilah Chatman ‘20

Louisa Crane ‘19

Nallely Esparza ‘21

Maria Gonzalez ‘19

Kimberly Hernandez ‘21

Thea Louis ‘19

Faisa Warsame ‘21

Nicole Zhao ‘20