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Levi Chávez Valencia '23, Marbella Juárez '21, Mateo Gariepy '22, Nia Roberts '23, Nujuma Taha '23, Kyaralind Vasquez-Liriano '23

A Closer Look At Trees’ Role In Alleviating Particulate Matter Impacts On Human Health

Clean air is an essential aspect of a healthy life, however, the air quality throughout the U.S. differs from city to city. This study was conducted to investigate whether (a) exposure to particulate matter levels might increase the risk of asthma in populations across different communities in the U.S., and whether (b) trees might be a viable solution in improving air quality and reducing health risks. We also addressed other factors, such as population density, race, socioeconomic status, and age that may contribute to these relationships. 

Our research project touches upon many relevant issues related to air quality in our communities. Even just learning about air quality and the effects on public health and teaching others raises awareness to support initiatives and missions that tackle these issues both directly and indirectly. Increasing transparency in primary studies on these issues brings to light factors such as air quality that contribute to the disproportionate gap observed between communities across the U.S. Lastly, we learned that the environmental functions of trees directly tie into our own lives, further informing how we can most benefit from them in order to promote both equitable and healthy living for all.

Check out the Air Quality Team’s final ArcGIS StoryMap, A Closer Look At Trees’ Role In Alleviating Particulate Matter Impacts On Human Health.
This student project is part of the Paulson Place Challenge remote Summer 2020 program.
Collaborators/Advisors: Amy Banzaert (Engineering), James Battat (Physics), Dan Brabander (Geosciences), Louisa Crane (Paulson Initative), Jocelyne Dolce (Biological Sciences), Nolan Flynn (Chemistry), Kristina Jones (Botanic Gardens), Suzanne Langridge (Paulson Initiative), Ayana McCoy (Science Center), Jenn Yang (Botanic Gardens).