Payroll FAQs

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty and Staff

Q: When are weekly timesheets due?
Weekly timesheets are due by noon on Mondays, however individual departments can establish earlier deadlines to review timesheets before approval. 
Q: I have a new hire. How do I get them on payroll?
New hires must contact Human Resources Department to complete the onboarding process.
Q: My new hire cannot access Workday. What should I do?
Have your employee contact the Help Desk.
Q: How does the pay period relate to the check date?
All weekly (union, non-exempt, casual wage and students) employees are paid on the Fridays for the prior weeks' work.
Exempt employees and faculty are paid on the 15th of the month.
Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit?
All new hires are required to sign up for direct deposit during the onboarding process.
Q: I am an academic year employee. I do not work during the summer. What happens to my health and dental deductions?
You are double deducted upon your return in the Fall until your account is up to date.
Q: Why do my year-to-date earnings on my last pay stub of the year not agree with my W-2 totals?

The year-to-date figures on your pay stub are based on actual earnings, while your W-2 totals are based on taxable income minus pre-tax deductions. Examples of pre-tax deductions are: health and dental insurance.

Q: I am a non-exempt admin employee. How is overtime computed?
Non-exempt admin employees are paid one and one-half times their regular hourly rate for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a given work week.  Union employee overtime is outlined in the Union Handbook.


Payroll Frequently Asked Questions - Students

(Also See Student Payroll Inquiries)
Q: How often do I get paid and when do I get paid?
Students are paid on Fridays for the previous pay period.
Q: When are timesheets due?
The deadline to submit timesheets is Monday, noon. However, your supervisor may set an earlier due date for you to submit your hours to allow time to review and approve timesheets.
Q: When can I enter my hours on my timesheet?
You can enter hours as soon as you have worked them. You do not need to wait until the pay period end date to enter your hours. But you must submit your timesheet at the end of each pay period before the due date or date determined by your supervisor.
Q: Who is responsible for ensuring that I get paid?
Students are ultimately responsible for getting paid for hours worked. You are responsible for entering your hours in Workday. You can view your timesheet to see if your supervisor has approved your time. If your supervisor has not approved your time, you are responsible for notifying your supervisor that you have an outstanding timesheet that requires approval before the payroll deadline.
Q: I forgot to enter hours from last pay period. What should I do?
Workday allows you to enter hours on Thursday on the previous timesheet. If you forgot to enter hours beyond the last pay period, please enter your hours under the current pay period by selecting the retro pay earn code from the drop down menu.
Q: If I’m leaving campus can I get paid early?
Student payroll is processed as a group during a specified time period. No check can be processed before this timeframe.
Q: How are paychecks issued?
Students are required to sign up for direct deposit. Your check is deposited in your bank account on the appropriate check date. Your check can be deposited to any bank in the continental United States.
Q: Do I get a separate check for each campus job?
No, only one paycheck is issued for each pay period. If you work more than one job (either on campus or off-campus) during a single pay period you will receive one paycheck reflecting your combined earnings.
Q: I’m on work-study, do I still pay taxes?
All students are exempt from paying Social Security (OASDI) and Medicare taxes during the school year. However, students are not exempt from paying federal and state taxes. Please refer to for information regarding student related tax issues.
Q: I’m a foreign national, do I have to pay taxes?
All foreign national employees are required to meet with a Payroll staff member to determine if your country has a tax treaty with the US. In some instances your tax treaty may exempt from paying taxes. Please refer to
Q: What should I claim for tax exemption?
The majority of student claim single status with either zero or one exemption. Please refer to for information regarding student related tax issues.
Q: Can I get an advance on my paycheck?
We do not offer advances on paychecks. If you have a financial emergency you can contact the Student Aid Society and apply for a small loan.