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Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

All time entry from 2017 on will be done in Workday.

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty and Staff

Q: When are weekly timesheets due?
Department weekly timesheets are due by noon on Mondays except holidays when they are due on Tuesday by noon. 
Q: How do you fill out the weekly timesheet and/or monthly payroll roster?
Come to the Payroll Office, Green Hall 150, for training.
Q: I have a new hire. How do I get them on payroll?
The individual must first go to the Human Resources Department, and must have completed an I-9 and a W-4 in the Human Resources Department, not the payroll office.
Q: My new hire is not on the timesheet. What should I do?
Contact Human Resources.
Q: How does the pay period relate to the check date?
Weekly are paid on the Friday check date for the prior week' work;
monthly are paid on the 15th of the month.
Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit?
There are forms available in the Payroll Office, Human Resources, and the Dean's Office. Once the form is filled out and received in the Payroll Office, the direct deposit will take effect after one pay cycle. You will receive a paycheck until it has become activated. (When your pay stub says "this is not a valid check", then you know your direct deposit has been activated.) If you have direct deposit, it is very important to advise the Payroll Office of any change in the account, for example, changes in the account number or closing of the account.
Q: How do I change the mailing address on my paycheck?
To change the address printed on your paycheck, contact Human Resources. Generally speaking, weekly and monthly regular employee checks are sent to the department. For casual wage employees, checks are normally sent to the home address. Student paychecks, during the academic year, are sent to the dormitory.
Q: I am an academic year employee. I do not work during the summer. What happens to my health and dental deductions?
You are double deducted upon your return in the Fall until your account is up to date.
Q: Why do my year-to-date earnings on my last pay stub of the year not agree with my W-2 totals?

The year-to-date figures on your pay stub are based on actual earnings, while your W-2 totals are based on taxable income after deductions of tax shelters. Examples of tax shelters may be: SRAs, or Health or Dental insurance.


Payroll Frequently Asked Questions - Students

(Also See Student Payroll Inquiries)
Q: How often do I get paid and when do I get paid?
Students are paid weekly. Paychecks are dated for Fridays. Please refer to the student payroll calendar for the list of check dates.
Q: When are timesheets due?
The deadline for students to submit their timesheets is listed on the student payroll calendar. However, your supervisor may set an earlier due date for you to submit your hours to allow time to review and approve timesheets.
Q: When can I enter my hours on my timesheet?
You can enter hours as soon as you have worked them. You do not need to wait until the pay period end date to enter your hours. But you must submit your timesheet at the end of each pay period before the due date or date determined by your supervisor.
Q: Who is responsible for ensuring that I get paid?
Students are ultimately responsible for getting paid for hours worked. You are responsible for entering your hours on the web. You can view your timesheet on the web to see if your supervisor has approved your time. If your supervisor has not approved your time, you are responsible for notifying your supervisor that you have an outstanding timesheet that requires approval before the payroll deadline.
Q: My supervisor approved my timesheet after the deadline. Will it be brought forward automatically to the next pay period?
No. You will need to re-enter your hours for unpaid time onto the current timesheet. Please use the "Retroactive" field on the timesheet and indicate the dates under "Comments."
Q: I forgot to enter hours from last pay period. What should I do?
You may enter hours only on the current timesheets. You need to enter those hours worked onto the current pay period. Please use the "Retroactive" field and indicate the dates worked in the "Comments" field.
Q: If I did not submit my timesheet in time, will you issue a separate check for these hours?
Student payroll is processed as a group during a specified time period. No check can be processed outside of this timeframe. It is your responsibility to ensure that your timesheet is entered and approved on time. If you did not submit your hours on time, you must include them in the next pay period under the Retroactive hours owed on a Saturday or Sunday of your timesheet with a Comment that lets your supervisor know the day(s) of your retro hours.
Q: If I’m leaving campus can I get paid early?
Student payroll is processed as a group during a specified time period. No check can be processed before this timeframe.
Q: How are checks issued? Can I have my check sent to my bank at home?
Students are required to sign up for direct deposit. Your check is deposited in your bank account on the appropriate check date. Your check can be deposited to any bank in the United States.
Q: Do I get a separate check for each campus job?
No, only one paycheck is issued for each pay period. If you work more than one job (either on campus or off-campus) during a single pay period you will receive one paycheck reflecting your combined earnings.
Q: I’m on work-study, do I still pay taxes?
All students are exempt from paying Social Security (FIO) and Medicare (FIM) taxes during the school year. However, students are not exempt from paying federal and state taxes. Please refer to for information regarding student related tax issues.
Q: I’m a foreign national, do I have to pay taxes?
All foreign national employees are required to meet with the Manager of Accounts Payable to determine if your country has a tax treaty with the US. In some instances your tax treaty may exempt from paying taxes. Please refer to
Q: What should I claim for tax exemption?
The majority of student claim single status with either zero or one exemption. Please refer to for information regarding student related tax issues.
Q: Can I get an advance on my paycheck?
We do not offer advances on paychecks. If you have a financial emergency you can contact the Student Aid Society and apply for a small loan.


   Payroll Frequently Asked Questions -
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Q: What should I do if I forget Domain Password?
Your domain username and password are what you use when you sign into MyWellesley, Sakai, Clean Access and classroom computers. If you don't know your domain username and password, please contact the Help Desk at x7777 (students) and x3333 (faculty and staff).
Q: What should I do if I do not have a PIN?
Please contact the Help Desk at x7777 (students) and x3333 (faculty and staff).
Q: When should I enter hours on my timesheet?
You can enter your hours as they are worked. However, please do not submit your timesheet until all hours for that pay period has been entered.
Q: I submitted my timesheet by mistake; how can I correct the hours?
Once your hours have been submitted in the system, you can no longer access the timesheet for any corrections. However, your supervisor may access your timesheet so please contact your supervisor to correct your timesheet.
Q: I’m a supervisor ready to approve the timesheets but don’t see any waiting for my approval?
Please double check to make sure that you have the correct pay period….this is the most common reason. If the pay period is correct, then this means that none of your employees have submitted or started their timesheets.
Q: How will I know when the timesheets are due?
Weekly timesheets are typically due on the Monday at noon following the pay period end date. Monthly timesheets are due at noon 5 business days prior to the check date. Please check the calendar due dates. You may also sign up to receive email reminders of due dates for certain payrolls.
Q: My employee has not started his/her timesheet on the web and he/she is out sick on the day that the timesheet is due. What should I do?
For Faculty and Staff only: Submit a manual timesheet and fax it to Payroll at 781-283-3713. Please go to the Forms page to download a copy of the appropriate manual timesheet.
Q: My employee has not submitted his/her timesheet on the web and he/she is out sick on the day that the timesheet is due. What should I do?
Immediately after the due date time, go into the timesheet of the employee and you should see a submit button. Submit the timesheet on behalf of your employee and then, as the supervisor, you can adjust the hours as necessary.
Q: How do I adjust for sick time on the last day of the month when I have already submitted by timesheet for that month?
Sick time adjustments for a prior pay period should be submitted the following month. Simply enter the exception time on a Saturday or Sunday and put in a comment with the details of the adjustment.
Q: I’m going on vacation next week. How can I submit my time when I’m not here?
Timesheets are available for 2 weeks into the future. Simply select the correct pay period and enter your vacation hours. Don’t forget to submit it.
Q: How do I access the timesheet as a proxy?
After you have logged in, you will see a field titled “Act as Proxy”. On the drop down window, select the person that you are acting as proxy for.