Banner Time Entry for
Student (Biweekly) Employees

  1. Login to MyWellesley with your Domain Username and Password.*
  2. Select the Employment Services tab at the top of your screen.
  3. Locate the Time Reporting channel in the center column and select the timesheet you want to submit.
  4. Enter hours for each work day; click save or copy.
  5. For biweekly employees click on the button marked "next" to see your second week.
  6. Enter comment (if any).
  7. Click on Submit for Approval.
  8. Confirm timesheet with your Domain Password; click on submit button.
  9. Verify that the Time Sheet has been submitted for Approval by You.
  10. Login again before the Payroll due date to verify that your supervisor has approved your timesheet.

View printable illustrated instructions.

* Forgot your password? Call the Help Desk at ext. 3333.