Kelsey Miller

Visiting Lecturer in Art

Visual artist working primarily in printmaking.

I will be teaching drawing and 2D Design at Wellesley in the 2022-23 academic year. In my own work, text, images, and print processes combine to create and reflect on meaning. Right now, we receive news and information at a rate faster than we are able to process. Political opinion simmers below the surface of everyday conversations. My work is how I filter the polarization of opinion and fact prompted by current events, historical documents, national identity, and weather—both a symbol of change and its real harbinger. The act of making resists the act of skimming, insisting that I absorb and respond to what is before me; that I be informed and stay informed. In many ways, my work is about pause. It is an archive of my experience of this current moment, a glimpse at one chapter of an unfolding story that is in constant flux.

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