Bill Quivers

William W. Quivers
(781) 283-3101
Faculty emerita
B.S., Morehouse College; S.M., Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Science Center 586

William W. Quivers

Associate Professor Emeritus of Physics

Theorist interested in laser spectroscopy, effects of collisions on coherent processes in atoms, issues of race in science and medicine.

I am a theorist whose general area of research is laser spectroscopy of atoms. Specifically, I have developed a model that describes laser optical pumping in multilevel atomic systems that undergo velocity changing collisions. This model has been employed in the in the sub-field of laser-nuclear science to study the properties of excited nuclei. For example, it’s been used in laser-induced nuclear orientation experiments, which produced first-time measurements of the nuclear magnetic and electric quadrupole moments of the 1- m s rubidium-85 isomer. In addition, it has been utilized in atom-atom collision studies.

Most recently, I have been working in the field of cavity quantum electrodynamics. In particular, I’ve worked with Professor Michael Feld’s single-atom laser group at MIT. This group, in fact, was the first to develop such a device. Presently, I’m working on calculating the single-atom laser lineshape.