Research with Physics Faculty

James Battat
Associate Professor of Physics
Experimental particle astrophysics including dark matter detection and precision tests of gravity with lunar laser ranging.

Becky Belisle
Assistant Professor of Physics
Materials scientist developing next-generation solar cells by studying the fundamental properties of novel solution-processed semiconductors. 

Robbie Berg
Professor of Physics
Creates new electronic tools to expand the range of what people can design and create—and what they learn in the process.

Katie Hall
Lecturer of Physics
STEM-based educational, outreach and entrepreneurial opportunities, WiFi signal analysis for monitoring environments, and nonlinear optics.

Yue Hu
Associate Professor of Physics
Experimental and theoretical work in complex fluids, mentoring students, using advanced computational tools in undergraduate physics curriculum.

Tracy McAskill
Lecturer of Physics
Particle physics, weak interactions, spin, and the parton model.

Glenn Stark
Professor of Physics
Molecular spectroscopist, focused on systems in atmospheric and astrophysical research.


Emeritus Faculty

Ted Ducas
Professor of Physics
Engaged in laser spectroscopy, physics applied to biological systems, curricular development across disciplines, outreach to young learners and the public.

William Quivers
Associate Professor of Physics
Theoretist interested in laser spectroscopy, effects of collisions on coherent processes in atoms, issues of race in science and medicine.


Blin Zhuang '09

Recent hono​rs theses:
  • Katherine Chan '18
  • Carol Hundal '18
  • Caroline Martin '18
  • Hannah Peltz Smalley '18
  • Rayna Rampalli '18
  • Jenny Xie '18
  • Sanaea Rose '17
  • Else Schlerman '17
  • Carina Belvin '16
  • Emma Regan '16
  • Kirsten Blancato '15
  • Kathryn Ledbetter '15
  • Aiman Sherani '15
  • Eunice Paik '15
  • Hannah Herde ’14
  • Helena Qi ’14
  • Catherine Matulis ’14
  • Lamiya Mowla ’13
  • Lucy Archer '12
  • Annabelle Batista '12
  • Tiffany Lin '12