ASCs - Academic Success Coaches

Intellectual growth lies at the heart of college life at Wellesley. The Pforzheimer Learning & Teaching Center offers programs to help students maximize their educational opportunities and realize their academic potential. The APT Program is an important resource available to students. One of the most important goals of this program is to help stimulate and improve intellectual life at Wellesley by creating and maintaining a dialogue among students, faculty, administration, and staff and by strengthening the bonds that unite our community in the learning process.


What Is An APT?

An APT provides academic support to students in her residence hall. An APT provides one-on-one tutoring and gives workshops with a focus on basic study skills and academic life at Wellesley. She also serves as a referral agent, helping students find the appropriate academic support service. Specific skills that she helps students include note-taking, test-taking, memorization, communication, and time management.

Interested In Becoming an APT?

Are you interested in becoming an APT? Find out how.

To apply to be an APT, one must go through the Student Leader Application Process.

Resources for APTs