PLTC tutors are Wellesley students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their chosen departments.

All academic support programs are peer-led and peer facilitated with extensive training conducted by the PLTC. There are no “out-of-pocket” costs to Wellesley students who participate in PLTC programs. 


The following types of subject tutoring are currently offered


  • Café Tutoring – Set hours in which one or more tutors are available to help with material from any course within the discipline. These are drop-in style hours.


  • Attached Tutoring – Regularly scheduled tutor office hours in support of a specific course and/or section. No appointment is necessary. 


  • Embedded Tutoring – In-class assistance tied to a specific course/section/professor with additional scheduled office hours outside of class.  


  • Assigned (Individual) Tutoring** –  One-on-one, individual meetings that require faculty and PLTC approval. Unlike other types of tutoring, these sessions have limited availability.

**Individual tutors must be requested in advance via the Assigned Tutor Request Form. 





Resources for current tutors