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TutorTrac is an online system the PLTC uses to track coaching and tutoring appointments.

Peer educators can log into TutorTrac here



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  • TutorTrac Guide Spring 2013- This contains everything you need to know about using TutorTrac at Wellesley! For Tutors (excluding writing tutors), ASCs, and SI Leaders.


To find more details about something mentioned in the instructions, please look in the TutorTrac Guide above.


If you get the message: Secure Connection Failed

  • PDF version.
  • Click on "Or you can add an exception"
  • Click on “Add Exception
  • Click on “Get Certificate
  • Click on “Confirm Security Exception

TutorTrac Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have the option to "Log Student" at the top of my screen or see the "Quick Visit" feature on the left-hand side of my screen?

If you do not see the above options, first check that you are in Consultant view. If you see a button that reads "Switch to Consultant Profile," then you are currently in student view and unable to log your work with students.


Click the Switch to Consultant Profile button to fix this. 

What if I'm in Consultant View and I still don't see "Log Student" or "Quick Visit”?

If you still don't see these features displayed, then you must go into your preferences and check to see that the appropriate boxes are checked for you. For a refresher on how to do this, view the My Prefs Set Up tutorial.  


What if I'm not showing up on the list of consultants that displays when I log students?

As a first step, double check that you have added the correct "Center." Your Center is based on the type of tutor you are, which you can confirm by reviewing the email the PLTC sent to you about weekly hours at the beginning of each semester. Each Center will pull up a different list of tutors in the consultant tab based on what type of tutor they are. If you were to be in another Center, this could be one explanation as to why you aren't seeing yourself.


If you are in the correct Center and still aren't seeing yourself displayed as a consultant, please reach out to pltc@wellesley.edu


What if I enter an ID number for a student in either the "Log Student" or "Quick Visit" entries and the ID number is not found?

TutorTrac only accepts IDs numbers without letters included. Because Wellesley IDs contain a letter first in their sequence, you will convert this first letter into its numerical value (for example: "A" becomes "1," "B" becomes "2," and  "C" becomes 3, and so on). If you've formatted the ID number correctly and still aren't finding the student, you can also type last names into both "Log Student" or "Quick Visit" entries. 


What if I'm logging a student and their courses aren't showing up under the "Subject" tab?

If the student's courses aren't displayed under the "Subject" tab, please reach out to pltc@wellesley.edu to let us know. Sometimes this happens because the student has just come off of a waitlist or transferred courses. After you notify us, we can check in with our LTS liaison and/or the TutorTrac support team to get to the root of the problem.