Poetry on the T

Photo of the poem "Confiar" on the MBTA orange line

In celebration of National Poetry Month, more than two dozen Wellesley poets are taking part in a collaboration with Mass Poetry to bring poetry to the MBTA.

When riding the MBTA subway during the month of April, remember to take a moment to look up—you might be sitting in a Wellesley poetry car! In one car on each of the four MBTA subway lines (red, orange, blue, and green), riders will find poems written by a member of the Wellesley community displayed in what is usually an advertising space.

For National Poetry Month, Mass Poetry and Wellesley College teamed up to bring back Poetry on the T. Mass Poetry, which brings poetry to readers of all ages and seeks to transform lives through inspiring verse, started the project in 2014 “to enliven the commutes of millions of MBTA riders in Greater Boston,” said Daniel Johnson, executive director. Of this latest iteration with Wellesley, Johnson said, “It’s truly an amazing body of work—from students to faculty and from police dispatchers to digital content directors—it shows that the Wellesley College community lives and breathes poetry.”

“Poetry has great power to bring people together,” said Wellesley President Paula A. Johnson. “Never has the world more needed its healing, connective force—so beautifully displayed in the work of our community members. We are pleased to help advance the role of poetry in our culture and to join forces with Mass Poetry to share its magic with everyone.”

If you spot one of the Wellesley poetry cars, take a photo and share it on social with #PoetryontheT. You’ll be entered to win tickets to the MFA's Summer Party, and community members get an exclusive #NationalPoetryMonth tote bag.

The Wellesley students, faculty, staff, and alumnae participating in Poetry on the T share their words in print and in audio form via this Soundcloud playlist.

Poetry on the T is generously supported by Mass Poetry, and the English department and the Office of the President at Wellesley College.