Emergency Notification



Emergency Notification

In the event of a serious public safety emergency, the BlackBoard Connect system allows us to reach members of the community via voice messages, e-mails, and text messages. This service is part of Wellesley College's overall emergency preparedness efforts.

Test of the BlackBoard Connect Emergency Notification System

A campus-wide test of the notification system will take place once each semester.

Caller ID for phone messages is (781) 283-2121.


If I supply a cell phone number for text messaging, what message will I receive?

The confirmation message will state the following:

WCALERT: You are now confirmed to receive alerts from us. More info text reply "HELP" or "STOP WCALERT" to opt-out.

How do I change emergency information that I cannot update myself via the form?

STUDENTS - contact the Registrar's Office


Can I opt out of email and voice messages?

No. You may only opt out of text messaging.

I did not receive a confirmation message. What happened?

First, be sure that the College has your correct cell phone number by going to: MyWellesley Portal at https://my.wellesley.edu.   After logging in, click on Employment Services or Students tab, Banner Self-Service, Personal Information, and then Verify and Update Contact Information.