Escort Program

If you must travel alone, the campus escort program is a safe, reliable way to travel throughout the campus during hours of darkness.

The Wellesley College Police operates a shuttle van on a scheduled route from 6:00 pm until 2:00 am, during the academic year. After 2:00 am police officers will provide walking or driving escort. The Shuttle Van makes pre-designated stops along a route.

Please note: The following scheduled times are approximate and vary according to the weather and numbers of riders.

The van leaves Billings every half hour from 6:00 pm until 1:30 am.

Stop Location Earliest Latest
Harambee/Acorn 6:00 pm 1:30 am
Schneider - Billings front door 6:01 pm 1:31 am
Stone-Davis - front door 6:02 pm 1:32 am
Bates/McAfee - front door 6:04 pm 1:34 am
Science Center - Sage Lounge door 6:06 pm 1:36 am
Pendleton/GRN - between PND and FND arch 6:08 pm 1:38 am
Tower Complex - Roadway by Tower West door 6:09 pm 1:39 am
Davis Plaza - road toward Shakes house 6:10 pm 1:40 am
Alumnae Hall/Campus Center - Circle in front of Alumnae Hall 6:12 pm 1:42 am
DC Lot* - Lots #1, #2, #3 in that order 6:15 pm 1:45 am
Quad - Rt. 135 Entrance to Quad 6:18 pm 1:48 am
Munger - Rt. 135 door 6:19 pm 1:49 am
Page School - parking lot 6:20 pm 1:50 am
Cedar Lodge - front door 6:22 pm 1:52 am
French House - front door 6:23 pm 1:53 am
Dower - front door 6:25 pm 1:55 am

*When waiting for an Escort Van at DC Lot, stay inside your vehicle with the doors locked and the lights on. Van drivers will wait at this location in order for those in cars to board.