Heightened Security State

What is a “Heightened Security State of Alert”?

“A mindset that leads you to notice unusual or suspicious behavior/circumstances and reporting your observations to authorities in a logical, rational and timely manner.”

Heightened Security is not intended to induce fear and panic.  People should go about their normal business while paying particular attention to their surroundings.

Report suspicious behavior and circumstances to the Police Department (x2121):

  • People in buildings or areas who do not appear to be conducting legitimate business.
  • People monitoring areas, buildings or entrances.
  • Unauthorized people in restricted, sensitive or private areas.
  • People requesting information with no apparent need for that information.
  • Abandoned parcels or other items in unusual locations or high traffic areas.
  • Individual attempting to access utility locations (water, electrical, petroleum, telecommunications, information systems).
  • Multiple persons who appear to be working in unison, committing the above.

Be Alert to:

  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Unfamiliar Vehicles Parked For Long Periods
  • Vehicles Containing Unusual/Suspicious Parcels or Material
  • Substances Leaking or Spilling from Vehicles

Building/Office Security:

  • Don’t prop open building/residence hall entrance doors/windows.  Rectify these situations when you observe them.
  • Account for and secure keys.  Don’t leave them unattended or give to unauthorized persons.  Report lost keys to building manager/department head.
  • Do not leave sensitive material/information unattended.
  • Account for and secure sensitive deliveries in a timely manner.
  • Secure all areas when not attended.
  • Report suspicious persons to Campus Police x2121.
  • Protect access codes, combinations and cards, change codes regularly.  Report compromised codes to the person in charge of the area.
  • Take time out to familiarize yourself with building evacuation plans/routes.
  • Report suspicious tampering with physical security (doors, locks etc.)