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Message From the Department

As a department we are constantly measuring our level of service and how to improve the way in which we serve our community. This site is just one resource we can utilize to conveniently provide information about our initiatives and programs to both our community as well as to their families.

In preserving the quality of life for our community we encourage members to take advantage of the programs available through our department.

The information brought to you on this site is for convenient reference and does not replace our commitment to being 100% accessible to your inquiries.

Our Team

Employee Roster
Employee Roster
Name Title E-Mail Phone Number
Philip Di Blasi Acting Chief pdiblas2@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3883
Brian McMenamin One Card/Parking/Office Manager bmcmenam@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3260
Bruce Whitney Sergeant bwhitney@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3932
William Bowman Sergeant wbowman@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3930
Timothy Brown Sergeant tbrown@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3931
Kenneth Furtado Sergeant kfurtado@wellesley.edu (781) 283-1859
JoAnn Guimond Police Officer/OIC jwhite2@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3941
Karen Berube Police Officer kberube@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3921
Brendan Cairney Police Officer bcairney@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3423
Emily Evans Police Officer ee102@wellesley.edu  
Jorge Torres Police Officer jtorres@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3943
Frank Urbani Police Officer furbani@wellesley.edu (781) 283-3948
Nick Blinzler Dispatcher mblinzler@wellesley.edu (781) 283-1860
William Burke Dispatcher wburke@wellesley.edu  
Nancy Maloney Dispatcher nmaloney@wellesley.edu  
Brenna Nelson Dispatcher bn100@wellesley.edu