Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

A minimum of five units for the major must be taken at Wellesley, as must the courses that are used to fulfill at least two of the four subfield distributions and the seminar requirement.

The department does not grant transfer credit at the 300-level for either the major or for college degree requirements. This policy applies to courses taken at MIT.

Normally, to be counted toward the major, a course taken elsewhere should be taught by a political scientist or in department of political science or its equivalent.

Courses in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) in Political Science at MIT can count towards the Political Science major at Wellesley if the student writes a substantive research paper as part of her UROP work and that paper is evaluated by the UROP supervisor as part of the final grade. The supervisor must inform the Political Science Transfer Credit Advisor at Wellesley by email that the paper has been evaluated.

For the purpose of meeting a subfield distribution requirement in the major, a student may count a course taken elsewhere provided that it transfers as at least .75 Wellesley units.

For information about how to submit a transfer credit request, see the registrar's Transfer of Credit Guidelines.

Transfer Credit Advisor: Prof. Nancy Scherer