The Washington D.C. Experience (POL 230)

                       Wellesley in Washington students pose in front of Sandra Day O'Connor's portrait

POL 230 will not be offered in 2019-20 

POL 230 The Washington, D.C. Experience: Leadership & Public Policy

POL 230 is a combined Fall / Wintersession course that will meet at Wellesley every other week (W 2:15 – 4:45 pm) starting on Wed, Sept 6th for six weeks during the Fall semester and for twelve days in Washington D.C. during Wintersession. Here is the course description:

This course will examine the role of political leadership in the U.S. policymaking process, with a particular emphasis on foreign policy. We will examine different theories of political leadership, and apply them to understand how actors both inside and outside of government attempt to shape political outcomes. Along the way, we will explore what is leadership, who gets to exercise leadership, how bureaucratic structures can constrain or enable leadership, and whether leadership is synonymous with policy effectiveness. Through meetings with representatives from interest groups, think tanks, and legislative and executive institutions, students will observe and critically analyze how political actors conceive of power and influence in real world settings. Our primary focus will be on how foreign policy decisions get made, but students are welcome to explore other related areas of public policy. The Fall and Wintersession portions of the course each earn 0.5 units (for a total of 1.0 units). Prerequisite: either POL1 200 or POL3 221.

There will be a fee of approximately $2200 for the Wintersession component of the course, which includes housing and other expenses except travel to DC. It does cover the trip from DC to Wellesley, which will get students back to campus the weekend before classes start on January 29. Financial aid is applicable to this fee.

The deadline to apply is April 12, although additional applications will be considered on a rolling basis. You are encouraged to fill it out as soon as possible though final decisions about admission will not be made until just prior to registration in the fall.

Enrollment is limited to 16 and admission is by permission of the instructor.