Christopher Candland

Christopher Candland
(781) 283-2197
Political Science
South Asian Studies
B.A., Haverford College; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University
Pendleton Hall East Rm. 245

Christopher Candland

Associate Professor of Political Science

Interested in political dimensions of human development, on policies that enhance education, employment, health, and dignity.


My education began with studies in philosophy and religion (and the fine arts) at Haverford College.  After college, I worked for some years with refugees and internally displaced people in South Asia.  My graduate studies focused on Southern Asia, the region from Pakistan to Indonesia, united by common cultural and linguistic traditions.

My scholarship explains how voluntary associations can promote and how public policy can enhance (or limit) broad-based achievements in education, employment, health, and dignity.  My major current project is on Muslim charities and everyday human security in Pakistan.  A new project studies moral repertoires in Java Indonesia.

Teaching is my professional priority.  A positive influence on students’ learning is my main goal.  I offer two related courses concerned with development: Political Economy of Development (an introduction to political economy and development studies) and Politics of Community Development (a seminar on the running of non-governmental development organizations).  I offer two regionally focused courses: Politics of South Asia, which examines domestic politics, and International Relations of South Asia, which examines inter-state relations.  I have taught semester-long international courses (with classrooms in more than one country) using video conferencing.  I also offer a course on Political Logic and Persuasion.

I have conducted research and methodology workshops for students and faculty in Indonesia and Pakistan; consulted on educational and labor rights issues with committees and departments of the U.S. government and advised a U.S. federal advisory committee on international labor issues; and testified as an expert witness in forced labor and political asylum hearings.