Chengzhi Yin

Chengzhi Yin
Curriculum Vitae
Political Science
B.A., Tsinghua University (China); M.A., Peking University (China); M.A., Boston College
PNE 244
Chengzhi Yin
Visiting Lecturer in Political Science

Research and Teaching Interests

International Relation Theory; International Security; Chinese Foreign Policy; U.S.-China Relations; Social Statistics; Research Methods


I am a PhD candidate in the Political Science Department at Boston College. My research interests include international security, grand strategy, and Chinese foreign policy. 

Dissertation: “Logic of Choice: China’s Alliance Balancing Strategies”

Abstract: China uses alliance balancing strategies to divide adversarial alliances and bind its own. The dissertation explores the way China chooses its strategies, including coercion, accommodation, and a mixture of both. Using archives from China, the United States, and Russia, the dissertation conducts five case studies and identifies how leverage, level of security cooperation, and fear of abandonment determine China’s choice of these strategies.