Ryan Dawkins

Ryan Dawkins
Curriculum Vitae

Political Science
B.A. Colorado State University; M.A. Ohio State University (History); M.A., Ph.D. University of Colorado - Boulder (Political Science)
PNE 231
Ryan Dawkins
Visiting Lecturer in Political Science

I study American politics with an emphasis on political psychology, congressional politics, race & ethnic politics,  parties & electoral behavior, and urban politics. 
I have varied  teaching and research interests that span the study of political behavior and institutions in American politics. However, the thread that united it all is the connection between how people understand their relationship with the institutions of American government and how they relate to one another in the public sphereIn particular, I am interested in how people's salient group identities--whether they be rooted in partisanship, ideology, race, gender, etc.--shape the way they evaluate government, determine their support for political institutions, and inform their beliefs about their role in the democratic process and American life. This concern over citizens' perceived relationship with government takes on a renewed significance as the United States struggles in coming decades to transition into a vibrant multi-ethnic, multi-racial democracy in an age of profound partisan polarizationMy work has been published in Perspectives on PoliticsPolitical Psychology, Political Research QuarterlyElectoral Studies, State Politics & Policy Quarterly, and Urban Affairs Review.
Personal website: ryancdawkins.com