Liam Hayes

Liam Hayes
Curriculum Vitae
Political Science
B.A., Northern Kentucky University; M.A., Ph.D., Georgia State University
PNE 228
Liam Hayes
Visiting Lecturer in Political Science

My primary research and teaching interests lie in political psychology and political behavior, focusing on political violence in American elections.

My primary research investigates the role that campaign communications play in stimulating the emotions of individual observers and alter attitudes towards racial and ethnic outgroups and the acceptability of, and willingness to participate in, political violence. This project draws on research in threat frames in political communication, the political psychology of emotions, and authoritarianism. Additional research projects focus on the role of political crises in generational political attitudes and the role of authoritarianism in conspiratorial thinking.

My teaching interests are primarily focused on American politics, focusing on campaigns and elections, political behavior, and political psychology. My teaching focuses on helping students to develop the skillset and background knowledge to become engaged participants in politics, broadly, and elections, specifically. I encourage students to ask big questions and critically evaluate what we do, and do not, “know” about those answers.

I am particularly interested in increasing the accessibility of political science research, focusing on fostering and mentoring undergraduate research and emphasizing how research is publicly communicated.