Yoon Jin Lee

Yoon Jin Lee
Political Science
A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University
Yoon Jin Lee
Visiting Lecturer in Political Science

My primary research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of foreign policy and international institutions.

My research investigates the operation of the unique, taken-for-granted cognitive process (logic of habit) in various decision-making contexts in international relations. I’m interested in how actors’ perceptual realities are constructed and changed by both formal institutions and social environments. My book project, Thinking Fast and Slow in Alliance Politics, focuses on US allies’ decision-making in staying out of (compliance with international obligations) / joining (violation of international obligations) the US-led operations that lack the UN Security Council’s authorization to use force.

I teach the gateway to IR course “World Politics,” two survey courses on “International Political Economy” (200-level) and “International Institutions” (300-level), and a seminar on “Decision-Making in Foreign Policy.” In all of my courses, I emphasize devising and implementing critical empirical tests to adjudicate contrasting explanations.

I am particularly interested in the history of the field of IR, and in crafting a new course on "Global IR."

I enjoy spending time with my two kids, traveling, and wine tasting.