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What Our Graduates Have To Say 

"McNair provided the opportunity to meet a lot of people with similar backgrounds and identities, but different academic interests. It was really helpful to see seminars where they answered questions that weren’t covered elsewhere in college (e.g. financial literacy). Having required check-ins were helpful in providing the chance for reflection and intention setting."

"The program was very supportive, with mentorship, emotional support, and technical support with computing, especially during the transition to remote learning. The required writing class was also very helpful with respect for motivation for applying to graduate school, and for support during the process."

"Connecting with other minority-identifying students interested in doing research was one of the best parts of the McNair program. The program also helped connect students with research opportunities and provided support for travel to conferences when this was possible. The conferences were important, for growth in STEM and for building community in the program."

"Having a “home-base” to come back to has been a valuable part of the McNair community. When involved in research experiences as an undergraduate, it can be important to unpack and contextualize these experiences, and McNair was a great place to do that."

"A key benefit of the McNair program was being able to connect students across class years and find mentorship connections with upperclassmen. Before joining McNair, this sort of mentoring relationship was not easy to find."


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