Staff & Responsibilities

Meet the staff of the Office of the Provost 
and Dean of the College

  • Hannah Carpenter, Academic Budget & Operations Administrator
  • Courtney Mansfield Chu, Faculty Information Specialist
  • Jennifer Ellis, Clerk of the Committee on Faculty Appointments
  • Ruth Frommer, Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Josette McWilliams, Executive Assistant to the Provost and Dean of the College
  • Kathryn Rosenberg, Manager of Academic Budget and Administration




Hannah Carpenter is the Academic Budget and Operations Administrator. She supports the Academic Budget Manager with Provost's Office financial matters, as well as faculty and academic administrators who have budget, funding or transactional questions. She advises faculty on Provost Finance policies or assists in identifying other financial direction to resolve questions. Hannah assists in processing student grants, faculty awards, and internal grant funding. She also works on internal processes and procedures to improve efficiency and financial support to academic groups. 



Courtney Mansfield Chu is the Faculty Information Specialist in the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College. Courtney supports the Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs. She is responsible for all administrative information processes relating to faculty including contract letters, data entry, salary letters and leaves. Courtney maintains the faculty handbook and faculty roster, handles staffing requests, and serves as the faculty liaison to LTS. In addition, Courtney assists with the faculty sabbatical leave process, including monitoring leave applications, processing approvals and receiving leave reports.


Jennifer Ellis is the Clerk of the Committee on Faculty Appointments. Jen manages and supports the work of the Committee on Faculty Appointments (CFA) and the Advisory Committee on Merit relating to faculty reappointment, tenure, promotion, merit and sabbatical leave decisions. She acts as the liaison between the Provost and Dean of Faculty Affairs, CFA and merit committee members, Reappointments and Promotions Committees and faculty under review.  In addition, Jen is responsible for the faculty leave application process for sabbaticals, early leaves and professional development leaves.


Ruth Frommer is the Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs. Ruth oversees all administrative Human Resources processes for faculty including hiring, staffing, and contract-related activities, salary changes, visa/immigration issues, resignations and retirements. In addition, she manages faculty leave eligibility and applications for non-sabbatical leaves (e.g., medical, parental, unpaid). Ruth works with the Provost to manage the early retirement program for faculty, provides the primary support for the Agenda Committee and the Advisory Committee on Academic Staffing, and manages faculty SEQ access.

Josette McWilliams is the Executive Assistant to the Provost and Dean of the College. She supports and schedules for to the Provost and deans, manages communication with internal and external constituencies, committees, and direct reports. She also acts as the primary liason between the Provost's Office and department administrators, convening regular meetings, training and communication with all department administrators. Josette manages various projects for and operations of the Provost's Office.



Kathryn Rosenberg is the Manager of Academic Budget and Administration. Kathryn supports the work of the Provost's Office on all budgetary and financial matters. She assists academic department chairs, academic administrators, Provost’s Office direct reports and cost center managers with budget questions and advises on Provost's Office and Budget Office policies, procedures and deadlines. She also acts as primary liaison between the Provost’s Office and the Office of Finance and Administration.