The Path from MMUF to Wellesley Faculty

The path from the MMUF experience to graduate school to PhD to faculty position is a journey of self-discovery, intellectual rigor, and academic stewardship. 

These Fellows growing from Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship into faculty careers form the heart of an initiative to increase diversity in the faculty ranks of our colleges and universities. Wellesley College is privileged to have a number of our faculty who are MMUF. They know firsthand the positive, motivating impact the MMUF experience can have on a young scholar during their undergraduate and graduate years. Once a Fellow, always a Fellow. Meet our MMUF-to-Wellesley Faculty!

Name and Title Wellesley Department/Program MMUF Institution


Angela Carpenter, Assistant Professor

Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Wellesley College

Oscar Fernandez, Assistant Professor

Mathematics University of Chicago


Nikki Greene, Assistant Professor

Art  Wesleyan University

Michael Jeffries, Associate Professor

American Studies Swarthmore College

Cord Whitaker, Assistant Professor 

English Yale University

Octavio Gonzalez, Assistant Professor

English Swarthmore College

Shingirai Taodzera, Interim Director

The Freedom Project & Mellon Mays University of Witwatersrand