Christen Deveney

Christen Deveney
(781) 283-2117
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University

Christen Deveney

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Research explores how aberrant cognitive and emotion regulation processes contribute to the development of psychopathology in children and adults. 

My research involves using a variety of behavioral and biological techniques to explore the relationship between psychopathology and aberrant cognitive and emotion regulation. I am particularly interested in researching questions that have the potential to inform our understanding of the pathophysiology of mental illnesses. My hope is that such studies will contribute to improved diagnosis and treatment of these populations. In line with the NIMH’s Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) initiative, my recent work has involved studying psychiatric symptoms using dimensional as well as categorical approaches.

I teach Introduction to Psychology, Biological Psychology, and a seminar entitled Psychopharmacology. I also involve students as central collaborators in my psychophysiology lab. Students gain experience designing, analyzing, and interpreting data from studies using behavioral and biological measures to address psychological questions. In class and in the research lab, my goal is to de-mystify neuroscience methods so individuals can employ these techniques to explore their own research interests and can be informed consumers of the neuroscience literature. Finally, I aim to help students be critical observers and clear communicators –skills that will benefit students regardless of their ultimate professional paths.