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The QAI provides many online resources for Wellesley College students, including a research guide on R statistical software and EdX online modules on applied data analysis and statistical inference. 


1. Edge EdX Online Modules on Data Analysis

2. YouTube Tutorials on Applied Statistics and R Statistical Software

3. R Library Guide




Edge EdX Online Modules on Data Analysis 


These online modules utilize blended learning to enhance the understanding of applied data analysis and statistical inference in students and other academic parties. This intermediate statistics course focuses on fundamentals of statistical inference and applied data analysis tools. It emphasizes thinking statistically, evaluating assumptions, and developing practical skills for real-life applications. Topics include t-tests and non-parametric alternatives, multiple comparisons, analysis of variance/linear regression, and missing data. Those who take the course can expect to gain a working knowledge of the statistical software R, which will be used for data analysis and for simulations designed to strengthen conceptual understanding. 

These online modules will enhance your ability to:

  • Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and appropriateness of a variety of statistical techniques
  • Given a data set: state hypotheses, explore the data using statistical software, identify and apply appropriate analysis methods, and assess assumptions
  • Communicate statistical results graphically
  • Handle common practical challenges of data analysis
  • Use the statistical software R 

Conceptual Topics: 

  • Sampling and Bias
  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing, Randomization Tests
  • Permutation tests; Rank sum test
  • Soup and Sampling, CLT
  • Parametric hypothesis tests 
  • p-values, independence 
  • Robustness and Resistance 
  • Confidence intervals
  • Multiple comparisons
  • Clustering
  • Splines 
  • Regression trees
  • Model for the Mean: Conceptual
  • Model for the Mean: Equation 
  • Choosing a Regression Line 

R tutorials: 

  • Downloading and opening R 
  • Basic R commands
  • Summary statistics
  • Graphics, interactive graphics and plots
  • Implementing parametric and nonparametric tests
  • Running simulations 
  • Data cleaning and management
  • SQL in R
  • Social network analysis
  • Webscraping
  • How to implement the conceptual topics mentioned above

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To request access to the EdX online modules, please complete the form below. Changes to the EdX access are made every Wednesday or as soon as possible since users have to be added manually. 



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YouTube Tutorials 


The QAI's YouTube channel houses two playlists, covering:

To watch all the videos included in the online modules, visit the QAI's YouTube channel

To experience these videos in conjunction with test questions and other practice materials, view the online modules above


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R Library Guide


The R library guide is a brief guide to the open source statistical software, R, for Macs, PCs, and Linux. This guide describes how to install and utilize the basic functions of R. The resources in this guide will allow anyone to jumpstart their project on R. 


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