The QAI hires interns fall, spring, and summer!

The QAI hires students in a variety of roles, and we are also asked to recommend students with statistics and data science experience for positions throughout the college.

All of these opportunities are paid internships, funded by either the QAI or the supervisor. New opportunities are posted as they arise. To keep up to date with opportunities, please join the QAI Announcement Google Group (Wellesley only).


To apply for current opportunities, please fill out the application form. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.



Opportunities currently open: 


Assistant to the Director of the QAI: This internship is mostly administrative, but it is helpful if the intern is comfortable using R and familiar with the QAI's online resources (as used in the summer course and STAT 260). Includes updating the QAI website, coordinating events, tracking and organizing online resources, etc. We are hoping to find a student who can commit through the end of the 2020-2021 academic year and perhaps beyond. Approx 5 hours/week.


QAI Fellow in Statistical Consulting (2 positions): QAI Consulting Fellows are a key part of the QAI’s statistical consulting practice, supporting projects and providing advice to faculty and students on research projects across campus. Fellows work with Casey Pattanayak (QAI Director) to prepare for consulting meetings; participate in these meetings; and conduct follow-up work with researchers. As appropriate, consulting interns meet with student researchers on their own to provide statistical support. Students in these positions will be exposed to a variety of statistical techniques and their practical applications - this is an apprenticeship in statistics, particularly recommended for students wondering what it’s like to be a statistician. Requires QR/STAT 260, STAT 318, or QAI summer course completed. Approx 5 hours/week.


Anticipated Opportunities: 


Applied Statistics Projects: We match advanced statistics students with offices and departments throughout campus that need help with data. We anticipate posting a variety of applied projects to be conducted during winter break and/or in spring 2021.


Opportunities from previous terms: 


Assistant for QAI projects in blended learning or online resources: Our expanding online resources allow us to offer statistics material to students and the public during the winter, summer, or any time. This position involves finding and creating pedagogical examples, recording screencaptures, editing video, creating online questions and more.


Teaching Assistants and Tutors: Support is often needed for courses involving statistics and data analysis at all levels.


Summer Interns for the Quantitative Analysis Institute: Each year we offer two full-time, 10-week positions supporting all of the activities of the QAI, including the QAI Summer Course, online resources, statistical consulting, and applied research collaborations. In the past, one intern has focused on supporting the summer course, and the other has focused on the other QAI activities, but the work could be shared in various ways depending on the students’ interests. Open to continuing or graduating students.


QAI Consulting Fellow for Bayer Pharmaceuticals (2 positions): New! The QAI has partnered with Bayer Pharmaceuticals to provide expert statistical advice, particularly on non-randomized, observational drug trials. Tasks involve reading and providing feedback on study concepts, proposals, protocols, and data analyses, reading related medical and statistical papers, and participating in conversations with Bayer statisticians and researchers. Requires QR/STAT 260, STAT 318, and/or QAI Summer Course. This is an especially good fit for students planning to take QR/STAT 309 in spring 2019. This student reports to Casey Pattanayak. Approx 5 hours/week.


QAI Fellow for Visualization of French Texts (1 position): The student in this position will have the opportunity to think creatively about designing visualizations and act as statistical experts in a collaboration with humanists. The focus is on text analyses to quantify comparisons of French plays. No knowledge of French needed. Requires QR/STAT 260, STAT 318, or QAI summer course completed. Reports primarily to Hélène Bilis. Approx 5 hours/week.


Office of Institutional Research - Research Assistant (1 position): Apply separately through Handshake, position #1907280Ever wonder if time spent outside is related to perceived stress? Or if student’s demographic background and identity affect how comfortable they feel relating across difference? If so, you may be an excellent candidate for a research assistant in the Office of Institutional Research. Research assistants work up to 10 hours per week and earn $13 an hour. Students who have completed a research methods course in psychology or sociology, the Quantitative Analysis Institute, and/or can use R, SPSS, or STATA are strongly encouraged to apply via Handshake by September 14th. Depending on this intern’s background, she may be included as a QAI intern.


Matlab and Python Tutor for the Sciences: This tutor holds evening office hours for students in science courses that rely on computation. No particular course is required as a prerequisite, but experience with matlab and python is needed. We would also like to know whether you have any background in physics, chemistry, or other sciences, though this isn’t necessarily required.


Coding in R: This employment opportunity involves roughly 10 hours of coding in R

coding in R, potentially off-campus. Express interest through google form.


R Tutor for PSYC 101 and PSYC 218: This tutor supports students' introduction to programming in R, with a focus on visualization and interpretation of data produced by student research projects.


Intern for Evidence-Based Teaching: This intern supports the work of the Teaching and Learning Assessment Specialist at the Office of Institutional Research. Tasks involve analyzing small data sets and creating visualizations to help faculty evaluate their teaching and implement evidence-based teaching practices.


Guthman Fellow for Pedagogical Apps: This position involves creating an interactive app (via R) to allow students to easily visualize and analyze their data. Requires strong R programming skills and knowledge of or willingness to learn Shiny, an R package for building interactive apps. This is an opportunity to take the lead on developing a resource that will be used by many other students.


Course Development Intern for POL 299: This intern will help develop pedagogical materials for the political science department’s introductory statistics course.


Intern for Survey Design - Foreign Language Extra-Curriculars: This position involves conducting a survey to explore the ways that Wellesley students engage with foreign language learning outside the classroom.

Guthman Fellow for Visualization of a French Text: This position involves creating visualizations based on an existing data set to describe interactions between characters in a French novel. The goal is to refine and extend pedagogical material for French 278, a course taught by Prof. Hélène Bilis, working also with Jen Bartle (LTS) as part of the Digital Humanities Initiatives. The student in this position will have the opportunity to learn about interactive graphics, think creatively about designing visualizations, and act as the statistical expert in a collaboration with humanists.

Statistics Tutor for Math 101 and Math 221: This tutor holds evening office hours and is also available by appointment for students in these two courses.

R Tutor for ES 220: This tutor will provide support for students learning basic programming skills in R, via office hours and/or appointments. 


Other projects QAI Interns have recently worked on:

  • Randomized evaluation of voter engagement program in Ohio

  • Randomized evaluation of individual v. family therapy for pre-anorexia

  • Randomized evaluation of single-sex v. coed elementary school classrooms

  • Collaboration with neuroscience lab

  • Text analysis of the novel Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro

  • Text analysis of French plays

  • Text analysis of faculty interview responses

  • Analysis of Wellesley shadow grading surveys

  • Administrative support for the QAI

Descriptions of previous opportunities from 2015-2016 can be found here