People of the Quantitative Analysis Institute

 Jack and Sandra Polk Guthman '65 Director

Cassandra Pattanayak (bio) (CV)


Current Interns in Quantitative Analysis Institute

 Interns working with the QAI are involved in statistical consulting, tutoring and independent research projects.


Helen Bauer '24

Head QAI Summer Course TA 





Maddie Kolaja '22

QAI Pedagogical Internship





Sarah Elizabeth Stockman '22

QAI Summer Course Intern


Alexandra Bullen-Smith '22

QAI Consulting Intern





Andrea Mock '22

QAI Summer Course Intern



Annabel Uhlman '22

QAI Summer Course Intern




Jyontika Kapoor '24 

Assistant to the QAI Director 




Tori Stiegman '23

QAI Summer Course Intern





Britney Zhang '24

QAI Summer Course Intern



To learn more about our TAs for the QAI Summer Course, check out the video below! You can see our 2020 and 2021 TAs here. 

QAI Intern Alumnae

See the table below for our QAI alumnae. This list may include individuals who have completed the QAI summer course, interned for the QAI, and more. Some alumnae may have links attached to their name with their LinkedIn or personal website, so feel free to explore!