People of the Quantitative Analysis Institute

1. Jack and Sandra Polk Guthman '65 Director
2. Current Interns in Quantitative Analysis
3. Quantitative Analysis Institute Alumnae





Jack and Sandra Polk Guthman '65 Director

Cassandra Pattanayak (bio) (CV)




Current Interns in Quantitative Analysis

 Interns working with the QAI are involved in statistical consulting, tutoring and independent research projects


Shraddha Anand '21

Research Intern


Susan Black

Pedagogical Intern

Faith Davenport '20

Amy Fung '23

First Year Apprenticeship Program (FYAP)


Ally (Heesu) Kim '21

Student Director of SIDI

Lauren Tso '20

Consulting Intern



Quantitative Analysis Institute Alumna

QAI Alum

Current Position

Tess Kerwin '14

Research Assistant/ Programmer at Mathematica

Diana Schron '14

College of Dental Medicine at Columbia University

Sophie Sun '14

Economics PhD Student at MIT

Emily Kurtz '15

Statistics PhD Student at the University of Minnesota

Annie Liu '15


Suzanne Barth '16

Law Student at Boston University

Xueying Chen '16


Jamie Christy '16

Economic Consultant at Bates White

Anne Corbett '16

Law Student at the University of Pennsylvania

Joanna Milton '16

Biostatistics PhD Student at the University of Pennsylvania

Rose Owen '16

PhD Student at University of Chicago

Evelyn Taylor-McGregor '16


Kily Wong '16

Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture

Lorna Wu '16

Research Assistant at Harvard Medical School

Eka Zhao ‘16


Julia Chmyz '17


Megan Chen '17

Quantitative Analyst at Everquote

Moriah Harling '17

Neuroscience PhD Student at Drexel University

Kelly Kung '17

Statistics PhD Student at Boston University

Katharine Liang '17

Research Assistant at Northwestern

Cynthia Pardo '17

Risk Management Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Jamie Yang '17

Portfolio Analyst at Blackrock

Sunnia Ye '17

Software Development Engineer at Audible

Lauren Bazley '18


Jessica Kao '18


Tanya Bakshi '18

Applied Economics and Management MA Student at Cornell University


Taylor Fortnam '18

Biostatistics PhD Student at Brown University 

Ziyu Wang '18


Isabel D'Alessandro '18
Ivy Jiang '18

Global Markets Analyst at HSBC

Karen Ni '18

Research Analyst at Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Rachel Wulff '18
Safia Williams '19  
Hannah Murphy ’19  

Alex Vu ’19

Stephanie Song' 19  
Beryl Larson '19  
Erica Ma' 19  
Cynthia Chen '19  
Cindy Tu '19  
Sophia Abdelrahman '20  
Tema Shongwe '20  
Jane Yang '22  
Junita Sirait '22