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Data Literacy Course Options

Wellesley College offers a range of courses that can be used to satisfy the Data Literacy component of the QR & DL degree requirement. These courses include introductory statistics courses offered within a variety of disciplines, including Biological Sciences, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, and Mathematics and Statistics. Other Data Literacy courses include significant emphasis on data and statistics but do not focus solely on statistical analysis and are offered across the curriculum in departments including Art History, Astronomy, Environmental Studies, and Geosciences. The complete list of currently offered courses that satisfy the Data Literacy requirement can be found below. Please see the full course descriptions under each department or program for details on prerequisites and the applications emphasized in each course. Note that: (1) All Data Literacy courses offered at Wellesley require satisfaction of the Quantitative Reasoning component of the QR & DL requirement as a prerequisite. (2) A single course on the list below can be used to fulfill both the Data Literacy component of the QR & DL requirement and a distribution requirement.

Introductory statistics courses that can be used as prerequisites for further study in statistics are indicated with a * in the list below. Because AP credit in Statistics is equivalent to completion of QR/STAT 150: Introduction to Data Literacy, which cannot be used as a prerequisite for higher-level courses in statistics, students with such AP credit who wish to continue their study of statistics must enroll in one of the starred introductory statistics courses on this list. Interested students should consult individual departments or programs for details on the various introductory statistics course options and for suggestions about choosing an appropriate first course.

ARTH 222 / MAS 222 Network Analysis for Art History 1.0
ASTR 200 Exoplanetary Systems 1.0
BISC 109 Human Biology with Laboratory 1.25
BISC 111 Introductory Organismal Biology with Laboratory 1.25
BISC 111T Introductory Organismal Biology with Laboratory (Tropical Island) 1.25
BISC 113 / BISC 113Y Exploration of Organismal Biology with Laboratory 1.0
BISC 198 Statistics in the Biosciences 1.0
BISC 201 Ecology with Laboratory 1.25
CHEM 103 Elements and the Environment 1.0
CHEM 120 Intensive Introductory Chemistry with Laboratory 1.25
CHEM 205 Chemical Analysis and Equilibrium with Laboratory 1.25
CHEM 330 Physical Chemistry I with Laboratory 1.25
CHEM 361 Analytical Chemistry with Laboratory 1.25
CS 234 Data, Analytics and Visualization 1.0
CS 334 Methods for Ethics of Technology 1.0
ECON 103 / SOC 190 Introduction to Probability and Statistical Methods 1.0
ES 100 Introduction to Environmental Science and Systems 1.0
ES 101 / ES 101Y Fundamentals of Environmental Science with Laboratory 1.0
GEOS 101 Earth Processes and the Environment with Laboratory 1.25
PHIL 322 Methods for Ethics of Technology 1.0
PHYS 202 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics with Laboratory 1.0
PHYS 210 Experimental Techniques 1.0
PHYS 310 Experimental Physics 1.0
POL 299 Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science 1.25
PSYC 105 (formerly 205) Introduction to Data Analysis in Psychological Science 1.0
QR 150 / STAT 150 Introduction to Data Literacy: Everyday Applications 1.0
QR 190 Epidemiology 1.0
QR 309 / STAT 309 Causal Inference 1.0
STAT 160 Fundamentals of Statistics 1.0
STAT 218 Introductory Statistics and Data Analysis 1.0

Note that this list is subject to change and does not include courses that are no longer offered. Check individual department listings for information about when each course is offered.