What is the QR & DL requirement?

The QR & DL requirement is one of a set of degree requirements (including distribution requirements, the language requirement, etc.) that all Wellesley students must satisfy before graduation. It consists of two parts: a Quantitative Reasoning (QR) component and a Data Literacy (DL) component. The requirement has been in place since 1997. Although it has always had the same two components focused on quantitative reasoning and data literacy, it was originally called simply the ‘QR Requirement.’ The “QR and DL” terminology is new for 2021. The QR component must be satisfied during a student’s first year at the college. The DL component (formerly known as "QR Overlay") can be satisfied at any point after the QR component is fulfilled.

Why is it required to graduate from Wellesley?

Today, quantitative reasoning is required in virtually all academic fields, is used in most every profession, and is necessary for decision-making in everyday life. The QR component of the QR & DL requirement is designed to ensure that Wellesley students are proficient in the use of mathematical, logical, and fundamental statistical problem-solving tools needed in today's increasingly quantitative world. 

In addition, the analysis, representation, and interpretation of data has become an essential tool for answering empirical questions about our world. The DL component of the QR & DL requirement emphasizes statistical analysis and interpretation of data in a specific discipline, ensuring that Wellesley students are able to produce and decipher data-based claims in their field and in everyday life. 

How do I satisfy the QR & DL requirement?

The QR component of the QR & DL requirement is satisfied by completing QR 140: Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning. Alternatively, students can satisfy the QR component by demonstrating their understanding of the material via the QR Assessment prior to their arrival on campus.

The DL component is satisfied by successfully completing a designated data literacy course. The current list of courses fulfilling the DL component of the requirement can be found here

If I take QR 140 to meet the QR component of the QR & DL requirement, can I still take math and pre-med courses in my first semester?

QR 140 is not a prerequisite for courses in the mathematics department, which have a separate placement mechanism. Thus, you may enroll in a calculus course prior to or concurrently with QR 140. 

First-year students who are interested in pursuing biology, chemistry, neuroscience, or premedical studies may enroll in Chem 105P or Bisc 110P during their first semester, prior to or concurrently with QR 140.

Can I get distribution credit for the courses that I use to fulfill the QR & DL requirement?

Yes. QR 140 provides MM (mathematical modeling) distribution credit in addition to fulfilling the QR component of the QR & DL requirement. All designated DL courses can also be used to satisfy a distribution credit in the area appropriate to the specific course chosen in addition to fulfilling DL.