QR Assessment Study Packet

Study materials for the Quantitative Reasoning Assessment

The QR Assessment tests your quantitative skills, including your ability to read and understand information presented in formulas, tables, and graphs; to interpret information and draw appropriate inferences; and to solve real world problems that deal with numbers or data. It is 15 questions long and you are permitted to use a basic calculator.  The mathematical skills you will apply on this test span arithmetic, algebra, graph reading, geometry, linear and exponential modeling, logic, and fundamental statistics. You need to demonstrate proficiency in QR skills before enrolling in an array of first-year courses at the College. Additionally, strong QR skills are needed to ensure that you can explore any academic major, pursue any career, and address the wide range of quantitative problems that arise in everyday life.


What study materials are available?

There are review problems and two full-length practice QR Assessments. Complete, worked-out solutions are provided for all problems. If there are particular types of problems that you find challenging, we recommend reviewing notes or books on these topics. You are permitted to use a calculator on the QR Assessment and so are encouraged to use one for these practice materials as well.

If I have questions, where should I turn?

Please use the following links for more information on the QR & DL requirementadvice for new students, and FAQs. You may also contact orientation@wellesley.edu with any questions or concerns about the QR Assessment.