Course Scheduling Process

Course Scheduling Process Resources for Department Chairs and Academic Admins

 Class Meeting Blocks (effective as of Fall 2019)


Fall 2022 Semester Course Scheduling, Waitlists and Registration Timeline

Last updated: 1/19/2022

Jan 25 (Tue): Edits to Curriculum for the upcoming Fall 2022 are Due

Only Department Chairs and Academic Administrators have access to edit Catalog Content and Course information.

The following is Due:
Feb 14 (Mon) - Feb 24 (Thu): Department schedules submitted

During this period Departments are submitting course schedules and registration controls.

March 1 (Tue) - March 7 (Mon): Course Preferences collected from Faculty and Departments

Faculty review course information and provide building, room layout and technology needs, and auditor preferences.

Departments provide information about Department/Special Space use.

March 16 (Wed) - March 17 (Thu): Review and Finalize Schedules & Course Information

During this period Faculty review schedule information, course description, and registration controls* and inform Department Chairs and Admin Assistants of any necessary final changes. Link to the Course Browser Preview will be emailed.

*Registration controls include:

  • course maximum capacity
  • reserved seats
  • whether the course will use a Waitlist
  • whether the course enforces any Eligibility Rules such as:
    • Course Prerequisites - if the prerequisites listed in the Catalog definition of the course will be checked at the point of registration
    • Class Restrictions - if registration is restricted to certain class years
    • Permission of Instructor is Required - if students should not be allowed to self-register without first obtaining Permission of the Instructor (POI)
March 25 (Fri): Fall 2022 Course Schedule published to the Course Browser

Course Browser: All course information is published, including classroom assignments.

Week of April 11th: Fall 2022 Initial Registration

Students from different Classes register on specific dates this week. As courses fill, students can begin adding their names to waitlists. Waitlist offers will not be running this week. Refer to the Registration Dates and the Academic Calendar for the latest information.

Week of June 20th: Fall 2022 Registration Changes Period

Registration resumes for everyone, including X-Reg Students. Waitlist processing begins.

Refer to the Registration Dates and the Academic Calendar for the latest information.

TBA: Fall 2022 First day of Classes

Add/Drop period begins. Registration and Waitlist processing resumes for all students. Upperclass students can add a fifth course.