Curriculum Planning & Review

Curriculum Planning & Management Process

The following information has been created to help guide departments and programs through the process of curriculum planning, management and submission for review by the Committee on Curriculum & Academic Policy (CCAP).

2022-2023 Curriculum Submission Deadline:  Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

This includes:

  • New Course Proposals
  • Changes to Course Definitions
  • Changes to Catalog content, department introductions, requirements for the majors and minors
  • Requesting the re-activation of old courses that will once again be offered
  • Inactivation of courses not taught in the past 3 years and not offered in the upcoming year
  • Department / Program Summary of Curriculum Changes

This deadline must be adhered to in order for courses to be properly set up during the course scheduling and classroom assignment processes that follow, and be available to students during registration. On or before the deadline, all curriculum changes should be submitted to the Registrar for to prepare them for review by CCAP.

Departments will be notified of any changes in the curriculum submission process, but it is advisable to use the documentation linked below during each curriculum cycle as any changes to the process will be thoroughly documented there.

Documentation & Resources


If you need assistance with any aspect of this process please contact the Registrar’s Office at x2394 or e-mail

Curriculum Review Process

The Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP) oversees the curriculum and other academic policies at Wellesley College.

Each year the curriculum from every department and program is reviewed, first directly by the department or program and by an assigned CCAP reviewer. Once the initial review is complete the entire committee discusses the department or program comprehensively. With CCAP approval in hand, the curriculum is then presented by committee to the Academic Council for motion and vote. 

Each year faculty may submit new courses for consideration into the department or program's curriculum. New courses receive extensive review from the committee prior to approval.