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Shadow Grading Policy

The shadow grading policy for first-year students was voted by Academic Council on December 11, 2013. For a period of six years commencing in Fall 2014, students in the first semester of their first year will be graded P/NP (Pass/No Pass) in all of their classes. They will also, however, be given a report of the letter grades that they would have received (“shadow grades”), which will not appear on their official transcripts. Following our current practice, a grade of D or above is a passing grade.

First semester students will be "graded as usual" in their classes, and the faculty will submit those grades to the registrar in the usual way. The registrar will retain those grades for internal use only and will not release those grades outside the College. Official student transcripts will specifically note that all grades in the first semester are mandatory P/NP.

For the purposes of the College’s grading policy, the average grade for a class will be calculated using the shadow grades submitted for first-year students.

In courses that are mandatory CR/NCR for all enrolled students, first semester students will receive grades of P/NP only and will not be given shadow letter grades.

Initially shadow grading was also applied to first-year students enrolled in first-year writing courses in both the fall and the spring semester. Beginning Spring 2018, first-year writing courses taken in the spring semester will no longer be shadow graded.

The Committee on Curriculum & Academic Policy (CCAP) will be responsible for monitoring the effects of this policy and will make regular reports to Academic Council assessing its impacts. At the end of the four-year period during which the policy has been implemented, CCAP will make a recommendation to Academic Council regarding whether the policy should be adopted for subsequent years.

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