Online Grading Instructions (Fac)

Entering grades online using MyWellesley

Log into MyWellesley.

>> My Employment Services tab 
>> Banner Self-Service folder 
>> Employee Services folder 
>> Faculty Services 
>> Final Grades

Select the Term you are grading (you may have to scroll through the list) & click Submit.

Select CRN (course) & click Submit

Select a Population (*All Students is recommended)

  • Graduating and XReg Students
  • Undergraduate Students
  • All Students

Click Submit Population

Only the first 25 students appear on the first page. You can see and enter grades for the rest of your students by following the link at the bottom of the page: Record Sets 26-50.

Select appropriate grade for each student using drop down list.
Please Note: while TBG is available in the list, it is not a valid final grade. Select Incomplete for work not done or NG for honor code considerations.  TBG will prevent you from accessing your SEQs.

Click Submit

Submit grades often!
You have a 20 minute time limit once you log into the system.
You will receive a confirmation message: "The changes you made were saved successfully." 

Select Another Course
If you want to select another course to grade, click on the CRN Selection link at the bottom of the grading page. Once you have selected a new course, you will be returned to the Faculty Services menu. Click on Final Grades to grade the course.


More questions? 
Feel free to contact us at or x2307.
If you encounter technical difficulties, please call the HelpDesk at x3333.