Academic History

Viewing Academic History in Workday Student

The Academic History report in Workday is an internal record of a student’s courses, grades and academic statistics by term. Though similar, the Academic History report is not a transcript. Instructions for accessing the Academic History report are available. Below is a brief description of the information available in the Workday Academic History report:

  • Courses taken for academic credit (including cross-registered courses and transfer credit)

  • Courses that do not carry academic credit including:

    • Courses taken through Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics (PERA) that may or may not count toward the Physical Education degree requirement

    • Music Lessons (MUS 099 - Performing Music)

    • Non-academic summer internship and research experience (recorded as RES 001, INT 001)

  • Academic statistics by term and cumulative (earned units, GPA)

    • In Workday, Winter courses are included in the Fall semester statistics and

    • Summer Session I and Summer Session II courses are included in the Summer semester statistics

    • Cumulative totals includes Wellesley and MIT courses only

    • Specialized totals include all courses and transfer credit

  • Enrollment standing by term which appears as ‘Load Status’; A student registered for 3 or more units in a fall or spring term is ‘Full-time’. 

  • Class Standing by term (new in Workday). Class Standing is calculated based on a student’s cumulative units earned as of the start of the term. This information is used by Student Financial Services when determining Federal financial aid eligibility.

Class Standing minimum cumulative earned units (including transfer credit):

23.0 units = Senior class standing

15.0 units = Junior class standing

7.0 units = Sophomore class standing

< 7.0 units = First-year class standing

  • Transfer Credit and Credit for AP/IB Examinations
  • Transfer Credit appears under the heading ‘Transfer Credit From Coursework’
  • Credit for AP/IB Examinations appears under the ‘Transfer Credit From Coursework’ heading. 
  • Transfer credit course titles are currently presented in Academic History with a generic ‘Transfer Course’ title. To see the actual course title, click on the link in the ‘Originating Coursework’ column.
What does the grade ‘NGC’ mean?

NGC means non-graded course. It is used on complete an administrative course (so that it will appear in the Academic History report). Courses with this grade do not appear on the transcript, do not earn credit and do not impact the cumulative GPA.

What is the ‘AWAY’ course on my academic history?

A Study Abroad placeholder course appears for each term that a student is studying away from Wellesley; Note that this placeholder course does not earn any units, and is graded as ‘NGC’ (non-graded course); Academic credit for study away is recorded as transfer credit.

Why is the Academic History page blank, except for a header?

The full academic history report and each semester can be expanded or hidden using the blue arrow next to the heading.