Auditor status for Visiting Students

Auditor Status for Visiting Students


Visiting students in residence at the college may elect a maximum of three courses under the audit enrollment status in the fall and spring semesters. At the present time, this includes Language Assistants, Foreign-Exchange and 12-College Exchange students. Although Foreign exchange and 12-College Exchange students are eligible to elect an audit status, the audit status does not affect current requirements for these students to be enrolled in a full-time credit-bearing course load during the fall and spring semester.

Degree-seeking students and students cross-registered (from Babson, Olin, Brandeis and MIT) are not eligible to formally enroll in a course as an auditor.  


An audit enrollment is defined as a student formally enrolled in a Wellesley course during the fall or spring semester on a non-credit earning basis. That is, the student is expected to regularly attend and to participate in class discussions. Submission of written work for evaluation by the instructor is arranged individually by the student with the instructor. No credit may be earned for the course. Upon completion of the audited course, the student is assigned an administrative grade of ‘AU’.

The audit status is offered to students so that they may have a formal record of their participation in a Wellesley course as an auditor. Therefore, students who do not maintain regular attendance may be administratively dropped from the course at the instructor’s request.


The per course fee for auditor status is $100.

Initial Course Registration:

Students will follow the normal online registration process to initially enroll in the course. Students wishing to elect auditor status will need to email the Registrar’s Office ( for manual processing.


The deadline to elect an audit status is the same deadline to drop a course. If a student remains enrolled on a credit-bearing basis past the drop deadline, the student will need to petition the Academic Review Board to request a change in enrollment status to ‘audit’. (As a student enrolled in a course for credit, the student continues to be eligible to declare credit/no credit grading until 4 weeks into the fall and spring semester and remains eligible to withdraw from the course until the final day of classes.)