Directions for electing a course credit/non

Detailed instructions on electing courses credit/non are available in MyWellesley under the Student Self-Service tab.

All students are expected to use the online system to declare a course credit/non. If a student has been told that she has a hold on her registration, this will prevent her from using the credit/non option online. We hope that any student with a registration hold is working with the staff in student financial services so that she will be able to register during the next registration period. Students with a registration hold will need to email to request that their course be changed to credit/non by the posted deadline.

Students may wish to inform the faculty member that they have declared a course credit/ no credit. Grade sheets (printed and electronic) indicate that a student has declared the credit/non option for that course.

See semester calendar for date and time credit/no credit is available on-line at the registrar's website under calendars.


"Students have the option of taking an unlimited number of units on a credit/no-credit basis. If a student receives a grade of c or higher in a course that she has elected credit/non, a notation of CR (credit) will appear on her transcript; if she receives a grade lower than a c, then a notation of NCR (no credit) will appear on the transcript.

If a student withdraws from the course after the fourth week of the semester, a WDR will appear on the transcript; if she has a permanent incomplete, then an INC will be printed on the transcript." from Articles of Government, Book II, Article VII, section 1.c.

Please see your Class Dean if you have any additional questions about credit/non.