Cross-Registration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Under the terms of our cross-registration agreement, Wellesley students may cross-register, during the fall and spring semesters, for those MIT courses for which they meet prerequisites, including both undergraduate and graduate courses. Courses students take at MIT count toward their Wellesley degrees and the grades from those courses are reported on the transcript, counted in the Wellesley GPA and included in the calculation of Latin Honors. MIT courses do not automatically fulfill Wellesley distribution requirements, count toward Wellesley majors, or receive 300-level credit. Procedures for applying MIT courses to those requirements are described below. Students may also register for some Independent Activity Period (IAP) during wintersession.

The following restrictions on cross-registration apply:

  • Wellesley students may cross-register for no more than half of their total number of units in a given semester.
  • Wellesley normally does not permit students to enroll in the same Wellesley course for credit toward their Wellesley degree more than once. Effective in September 2016, the same policy applies to MIT courses: students may not receive credit for the same course more than once, even when MIT students are permitted to do so. If a student, with permission of the instructor, does take a course for a second time, the grade for the second iteration of the course will be noted on the transcript, but will not factor into the grade point average, and the notation will indicate that no credit is awarded.
  • Students may take up to two units of UROP in one MIT course. Effective in September 2016, If a student, with permission of the instructor and the UROP office takes more than two UROPs in one MIT course, the grade for the later iteration of the course will be noted on the transcript, but will not factor into the grade point average, and the notation will indicate that no Wellesley credit is awarded.  
  • First-semester first-year students may not cross-register at MIT
  • Students cross-registering at MIT during their final semester should be aware that differences in academic calendars may result in delays in receipt of MIT grades that can delay degree processing until October (more info below).
  • The cross-registration program is not in effect for summer courses with the exception of UROPs for credit. Students wishing to enroll in a summer UROP for credit may do so using the cross-registration system by bringing a completed cross-registration form to the registrar’s office. Wellesley students cross-registered for a summer UROP are required to pay the Wellesley Summer Session tuition for a one-unit course. Completion of cross-registration will generate a tuition bill for that course. Financial aid is not available.
  • Effective Fall 2018, Wellesley students will not receive credit for completion of the following MIT courses: 17.S914, 17.922, 17.923, 17.901, 17.902, 17.903 and 17.905


Registration Procedures

There is no preregistration for MIT courses. Cross-registration takes place after the start of the semester. Note that the MIT academic calendar is not the same as the Wellesley calendar – choose carefully. Also note that MIT does not offer self-scheduled finals. The final exam schedule is issued at the end of the third week of term. The MIT exam period does not typically coincide with the Wellesley exam period.

Students should register for a full schedule of Wellesley courses until they are certain of enrolling in MIT courses. 

The MIT subject listing, schedule, and academic calendar may be found at the MIT Registrar's Office website.

  • Complete an MIT cross-registration form and print out the completed form
  • Attend the first class meeting of the MIT class to seek approval from the MIT instructor. MIT requires the signature of the MIT instructor on your cross-registration form. NOTE: If registering for Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra, visit the Undergraduate Math Office (2-108) to sign up for a recitation.
  • Make of copy of your signed MIT cross-registration form.
  • Submit the original signed MIT cross-registration form to the MIT Registrar's Office for official registration.
  • Return the copy to the Wellesley Registrar's Office or email a PDF of the signed form to by the cross-registration deadline on the academic calendar. MIT courses will not be added to your Wellesley record if this form isn't returned.
  • You will also need to fill out a Transfer of Credit Form for any course you would like to use towards a Major, Minor or distribution requirement (including 300 level credit). The form can be accessed via MyWellesley >> Administrivia >> Transfer of Credit Requests & Approval
  • Wellesley students may register for graduate level subjects at MIT provided they meet the prerequisites. In graduate subjects, especially at the Sloan School of Management, priority is given to MIT graduate students.  

The deadline to submit MIT paperwork to the Wellesley Registrar's Office is

  • Fall 2019 Courses: Friday, September 20, 2019 at 4:30pm
  • Wintersession IAP 2020: Friday, January 10th, 2020 at 4:30pm
  • Spring 2020: Friday, February 14, 2020at 4:30pm

Dropping, Withdrawing, Taking a course Credit/Non

Wellesley students who cross-register into MIT are responsible for maintaining parallel registration at both Wellesley and MIT for all MIT courses. This requires officially registering at both institutions and making any registration changes at both institutions.

Students are required to meet the published Wellesley deadlines for dropping and withdrawing from courses. You can drop MIT courses from your Wellesley registration using Workday. You can drop MIT courses with MIT by emailing You must drop the course on both campuses.

Students may withdraw from Wellesley courses by completing a paper form in the Wellesley registrar’s office. You must contact the MIT Registrar's office ( for information about late drops at MIT.

Students may declare an MIT course to be taken on a credit/non basis, using Banner Self-Service, and must do so by the Wellesley deadline.

Fall 2019

  • Credit/Non Deadline: Friday, September 27 @ 11:00PM
  • Drop Deadline: Friday, September 27 @ 11:00PM
  • Withdraw Deadline: Tuesday, December 10 @ 4:30PM

Winter 2020

  • Withdraw Deadline: Thursday, January 23 @ 4:30PM

Spring 2020

  • Credit/Non Deadline: Friday, February 21 @ 11:00PM
  • Drop Deadline: Friday, February 21 @ 11:00PM
  • Withdraw Deadline: Wednesday, May 6 @ 4:30PM

Units of Credit and Grades

The MIT subject listing and schedule gives the time distribution of each course as a series of three numbers – e.g. (4 2 6).  The first number represents the hours of class per week; the second is the hours per week of laboratory; and the third is the hours per week of preparation. The sum of these three digits is the number of MIT credits given for the course.

The conversion between MIT credits and Wellesley units is as follows:

6 – 8 MIT credits equals 0.5 Wellesley unit

9 – 11 MIT credits equals 0.75 Wellesley unit

12 – 14 MIT credits equals 1.0 Wellesley unit

15 – 17 MIT credits equals 1.25 Wellesley units

18 – 20 MIT credits equals 1.5 Wellesley units

21 – 23 MIT credits equals 1.75 Wellesley units

24 MIT credits equals 2 Wellesley units

It is also possible to audit or "listen" to an MIT course without receiving credit.

Grades in MIT courses are presented on the Wellesley transcript and used for all calculations for which Wellesley grades are used. MIT does not report plus (+) or (-) grades for transcripts. Wellesley students may designate an MIT course credit/non-credit through the Wellesley system, and must meet the Wellesley deadline.

Students will not receive letter grades for MIT courses which are offered mandatory Pass/Fail. 

Using MIT courses to complete degree and major requirements

No MIT course automatically fulfills a distribution, 300-level or major requirement for your Wellesley degree. Those uses of the MIT courses require explicit approval, even when the course is similar to a Wellesley course. Students request this using the Transfer Credit Request on MyWellesley. To apply a course to a major, students should also include it on the major declaration/confirmation form, also available on MyWellesley. 

MIT Courses in the Final Semester

Wellesley’s Spring 2020 final grading deadline for Seniors is Thursday, May 21st at 12:00 pm.

Generally, we have received grades from Olin, Babson and Brandeis by the senior grading deadline. We make every effort to collect MIT (and all other cross-registration) grades in time for our commencement processes. However, it is important for you to be aware of the details of these deadlines, since in some cases, we will have to delay releasing your diploma past Commencement day.

Please read the following information carefully as it explains the extended deadlines we allow for Wellesley to accept your final grade for a cross-registered course in your final semester.  Note that the grade must be submitted directly to us from the host institution’s Registrar’s Office.

Ceremony Participation:

Note that an outstanding grade for a cross-registered course does not, in itself, impact your ability to participate in the Commencement ceremony. You may participate in Commencement before completing all degree requirements if you are within two units or two requirements of completing the degree, and if your record is otherwise of diploma-grade standing.

Release of Diplomas:

A degree may not be conferred nor can your diploma be released until your record is final and all grades have been recorded (even if the course is elective or not fulfilling any degree requirements) and all financial obligations to the college have been met.

Please note the following important deadlines which determine whether your diploma will be available to you on the day of Commencement:

No later than Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 1:00 pm -- if your official grade in a cross-registered course is received by this deadline, your grade will be processed in time for Commencement and your diploma will be available for you to pick up on commencement day.

No later than Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 12:00 pm -- if your official grade in a cross-registered course is received by this extended grade deadline, you will receive a May Diploma. Your record will be reviewed for degree completion after Commencement and if your degree requirements are complete, we will mail your diploma to you.

Final Grades Received After Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 12:00 pm  -- If your official grade is received after this extended grade deadline, you will not be eligible for a May diploma. Your record will be reviewed in September and your graduation date will be October 2020. Once your grade is received and your record is certified, we will provide you with a letter that states your degree requirements are complete and your degree will be conferred in October. This letter is helpful for both employment and graduate school admissions purposes.

Course Withdrawal Deadline:

The last day to withdraw from a Spring 2020 course (including cross-registered courses) is Wednesday, May 6 at 4:30pm at the Registrar’s Office. Before withdrawing from a course it is important for you to speak with your Class Dean to verify that it won't affect your graduation plans.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

UROP enables students to join the research efforts of MIT faculty in a number of departments. Students considering a UROP project can learn about finding a UROP position through the Tips for Finding a UROP section of the UROP website. Specific guidelines and application deadlines for Wellesley students are provided in the Wellesley College student section. Current research opportunities are posted on the UROP opportunities board. Career Education at Wellesley may have information as well.

Summer 2020 UROP

Students wishing to enroll in a summer UROP for credit may do so using the cross-registration system by bringing a completed UROP cross-registration form to both the Wellesley and MIT Registrar’s offices. Students must be cross-registered at MIT by Friday, June 26, 2020 at 4:30pm EST. Cross-registered students then must complete the UROP online application by Thursday, Junly 9, 2020 at 5pm EST. For Summer 2020 only, Wellesley students will not be required to pay the Wellesley Summer Session tuition for a one-unit course.

Wintersession IAP

Winter IAP information can be found here.

Physical Education

Wellesley students may take MIT physical education classes. Schedules for these classes are available in the MIT Physical Education Office (W35-297) on Vassar Street. In order to enroll in MIT PE classes, Wellesley students must purchase an Athletic card. This card gives access to all Athletic facilities for classes and recreational sports throughout the academic year. Interested students should register early. In order to insure transfer of PE credits to Wellesley, students must inform the MIT Physical Education office that they are Wellesley students seeking Physical Education credit.

Computing, Dining, Transportation and Libraries

Athena Accounts

The Athena computing environment is MIT's campus-wide, networked system available to all MIT students, faculty, and staff. An MIT e-mail account (called an Athena account) will allow you to access class websites, participate in MIT’s subject evaluation process, and use WebSIS. To register for an e-mail account, you need a personal account coupon. To obtain your account coupon bring your MIT ID Card to the Student Services Center, 11-120, or the Athena User Accounts Office, Building N42, 211 Massachusetts Avenue, near Vassar Street.
Once you have your e-mail account, go to WebSIS and provide your emergency contact information.


To enable students to participate in the Wellesley-MIT Exchange, Wellesley operates free weekday bus service between the two campuses. You must show your Wellesley ID card to board the bus. Guests of Wellesley students who wish to ride the Exchange Bus must present a ticket or token to the bus driver before boarding. Information regarding schedules for the Exchange Bus is available at the Information Bureau, Wang Campus Center, at http://www.housingtransp/transportation/shuttlebuses or by calling the Transportation Hotline, Ext. 2318.


Students formally registered in Fall and Spring semester classes at MIT will have a meal plan preloaded on their MIT ID card which provides a discount for one meal per day Monday through Friday. The meal plan can only be used once per day regardless of how much of the discount is used.

Please visit the following web page for more details:


By showing a Wellesley ID, students may use the MIT libraries. A Wellesley student does not have to be cross-registered to use library facilities. A copy of the "Guide to MIT libraries" is available at any MIT library.