MIT Wintersession

Wintersession MIT Independent Activities Period (IAP)

Please be aware of the following:

  1. There is a limit of 1 unit of coursework from IAP courses during winter session. This is a restriction that MIT imposes.
  2. Registration for these courses follows a similar procedure as during the academic year: a student should complete the MIT Cross-Registration Form, attend the first class to see if there is space, submit a copy of the signed form to the Wellesley College Registrar (a PDF version emailed to the Registrar's Office at is acceptable), submit the original form to MIT unless special registration instructions, such as a lottery, are included with the course information.
  3. Only courses that earn the equivalent of at least .5 units of credit at Wellesley (at least 6 units of MIT credit) may be considered for approval. A student may not combine 2 IAP courses to reach the .5 units of Wellesley credit.
  4. If a course does not appear on the list of previously approved courses (outlined below) and earns at least 6 units of MIT credit you must complete a Transfer of Credit Request Form to seek approval.  You need to obtain approval prior to registering for the course at MIT.  Please note that Wintersession UROPs are not accepted.
  5. The IAP period at MIT ends after the beginning of the second semester at Wellesley, so be sure to look at the class meetings times for the courses in which you are interested to avoid overlaps.

Previously Approved Courses for MIT IAP for Wintersession

The courses listed below have been previously approved by the appropriate departments at Wellesley for academic credit. Course descriptions may be found at the IAP web site at MIT:

4.12A Integrated Architecture Design Intensive Studio 1 unit

Computer Science (under Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
6.091 Hands-On Introduction to EE Lab Skills .5 units
6.190 WAMI! Web-Based Speech App. Design Comp. .5 units
6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition .5 units
6.370 The BattleCode Programming Competition .5 units
6.470 Web Programming Competition .5 units

Geology (under the Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Science)
12.213 Alternate Energy Sources .5 units
12.310 An Introduction to Weather Forecasting .5 units

Foreign Languages and Literature
21G.301 French I (must continue with FREN 102) 1 unit
21G.405 Germany Today: Intensive Study of German 1 unit

Language and Culture
21G.601 Italian I (must continue with ITAS 102) 1 unit
21G.701 Spanish I (must continue with SPAN 102) 1 unit

21L.995 Pleasures of Poetry .5 units

18.095 Mathematics Lecture Series .5 units

8.20 Introduction to Special Relativity 1 unit

Political Science
17.911 Israel : History, Culture and Identity .5 units
17.920 is not approved for credit

Note: none of the courses in Theater Arts areas have been approved for credit.