Independent Study Registration

Registering for Independent Study

Students self-register online for Independent Studies (250/250H/350/350H, PSYC 299H, WGST 313)

MyWellesley > Administrivia > Especially for Students > Independent Study

Students fill out the registration request form selecting the level of their independent study, their advisor, as well as other information necessary for registration. Once a student submits the request it will be sent to the faculty advisor for approval. Once the advisor approves it the Registrar’s Office completes the approval process and the student is registered for the course. Note that the course registration is held until the first day of classes if the independent study will be the student’s 5th semester course.

Note: students may register for a maximum of two units of 250 and two units of 350 work in any one Department. If a student wishes to repeat a 250/350 more than twice then they will have to go to their Class Dean to start the process in petitioning the Academic Review Board to take said Independent Study a third or fourth time.

Responsibility of Academic Departments

Advisors are responsible for approving a student’s Independent Study. Faculty members receive an email when a student makes a submission within the Independent Study app. They then must check the Independent Study app (Through Administrivia > Especially for Faculty > Independent Study) and approve or deny any submissions made by a student.

Responsibility of Students

Students are responsible for verifying their schedules before the end of the add period. If an Independent Study registration is not showing on a student’s schedule, please check with the Advisor prior to contacting the Office of the Registrar.