Spring 2020 Registration

Course Browser Announcement: Spring 2020 schedule release 10/26/2019

During registration for Spring 2020 we are piloting new Workday registration controls. These include section reserved seats (based on student year in school) and prerequisite course and class restrictions enforced at the time of registration. The courses participating in the pilot are labelled with ‘Restriction’ in the collapsed view and include detailed information in the expanded view. New filters are available to find these easily. It’s important for students to read all the details in the expanded view of each course section they plan to register for.

Resources for Students:

Video: Preparing for Registration.

Video: How to Register for Courses in Workday.

Registration Preparation Checklist and Quick Steps.

How to Register for Courses in Workday (full illustrated guide).

Workday Registration Error Messages and How to Resolve Them.

How to Add/Drop, Swap, Withdraw, and Change Grading Basis.

Waitlist instructions (through the Course Browser).