John Bailes
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John Bailes

Buddhist Chaplain

John trained as a Zen Buddhist priest in the monastic and sem-monastic setting of the San Francisco Zen Center for thirteen years.

In 1984 he left the zen community to practice as an ordinary citizen while receiving a degree in International Political Economy from Harvard University, developing the Investment Advisory and Securities Division of a regional financial planning firm in the Boston area, marrying the artist Jesa Damora, participating in a sailboat race around the world in 2000 - 01, and becoming a professional sailboat captain.

In 2004 John returned to community Dharma practice, was formally recognized as a Zen Buddhist Roshi by Zoketsu Norman Fischer, and established One Heart Zen, a Zen Buddhist based practice and educational organization in order to share the Zen attitude, spirit, and practice with the world.

John works with the Wellesley Buddhist Community leading weekly meditations and various Buddhist religious holiday ceremonies throughout the year. He has developed a Level 1 and Level II Mindfulness Meditation program offered to all students to help them learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness practices and integrate these practices into their daily lives.