Sarah Robbins-Cole
Billings 309

Sarah Robbins-Cole

College Chaplain and Christian Life Coordinator

Sarah is a graduate from the University of Vermont in 1990 with a Classics Degree and holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Oxford University and an additional Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from King’s College, London. She is now in her fourth year at Wellesley College. During the week she holds a Monday Holy Communion Service, a lunch discussion group, a discernment group for those who are actively discerning a call to ordained ministry, as well as a Wednesday Evening Protestant Fellowship event with a home cooked dinner, and, devotions. When she is not at Wellesley College, she is the rector of Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church in Holliston, MA. 

Her start in chaplaincy began as a school chaplain at King’s College School, a boys’ independent day school in Wimbledon, England. There, in addition to teaching world religions, philosophy and ethics, she also ministered to a multi-faith student body and staff and coached sports. She has also served in three parishes over the past two decades both in London, England as well as in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

She is a wife, and the mother of two children, Elizabeth, 17 and Will, 20 (a sophomore at Penn State College). She enjoys skiing, mountain climbing and biking, as well as fitness and cooking. She is also an avid reader.